One cold morning last year, we attended an estate in the Niagara Falls where we were fortunate enough to come across
and purchase a rare World War I Richard Verascope stereo camera previously owned by the French Army. The camera is in
pristine condition and included the original leather carrying case and glass slides. Each slide is a piece of history
in photographic form and I get shivers every time I place a glass slide into the 3D stereo viewer. Only at A Nerd’s
World 986 Bathurst street can you see the 3D stereo camera, viewer, and actual World War I slides in person – leaving
you with an experience you’ll never forget.

Soldiers walking by what appears to be the remains of a Church after a bombing.
View our 3D digital rendering

Prisoners being walked down the street surrounded by armed guards.
View our 3D digital rendering

Soldiers gather around a priest at what seems to be a funeral.
View our 3D digital rendering

These scans do not give the actual glass slides justice, click to see our 3d version below.
View our 3D digital rendering

A parade of sorts, tanks and bikes take over the streets as soldiers line the sidewalks.
View our 3D digital rendering

About 2 dozen soldiers attempt to pull a cannon up a muddy hill.
View our 3D digital rendering

A photograph showing the famous trenches of World War I.

What remains of a small village.

Photographer was very close when this bomb went off. Maybe that is how the glass slide broke.

Dead bodies photographed in the trenches.

My personal favorite slide is four friends looking straight into the lens.
View our 3D digital rendering

Only the Church windows remain.
View our 3D digital rendering

Two soldiers help a friend that had been shot. One dead body lay in the background.
View our 3D digital rendering

If you click to view the 3d version below you will see a man appear on the left side.
View our 3D digital rendering


Another photograph showing the size of the trenches in comparison with the soldier.


Although it is hard to see with this scan, the mountain of Debris contains many corps.