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Nerd Face WInk



‘a single-minded expert in a particular field.’

Although the team at A Nerd’s World is comprised of experts, being “single-minded” is one thing that is out of our realm of expertise. As children, we were far beyond our years. Thanks to our ingenious satellite helmets and prospective goggles, we saw the big picture before it happened – just look at our bowties and argyle sweater vests. Fashion-forward, futuristic, visionaries, we were the kids who knew our life purpose before anyone else did. We now represent a select group of modern day renaissance men and women with a treasure trove of talents. With specialties ranging from web development and search engine optimization to brand building, logo design, photography and copywriting, our in-house team delivers innovative strategies and recognizable results. We’re the Nerds who foster our inner child and aren’t afraid to let our imaginations run wild. We are Toronto’s fastest growing creative agency. I bet you didn’t see that coming.

We did.