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How to Build a Website, 4 Hour Master Class

How to Build a Website, 4 Hour Master Class

Title: Introduction to WordPress: Building Your First Web Site

Date: May 7, 2016 Duration: (12-4pm) 4 Hours

Price: $250/per person

Class Size: Up to 12 Students per Class

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Descriptor: Have you ever wondered about what it takes to build your own website using the WordPress platform? Are you an entrepreneur looking to start your own website and don’t have the means and budget to hire a full-blown creative agency? No problem! Whichever walk of life you’re from, you are welcome to join us at Nerd’s Academy for our WordPress series of courses.

Course Curriculum:

1.) Acquisition and setup of your domain name and hosting.
2.) Installing WordPress on your host.
3.) Run-through main features and settings of WordPress.
4.) Installing and Configuring your theme.
5.) Creating your first page.
6.) Creating your first blog entry.

Additional Details: If you do not have your domain and/or hosting registered and setup, please bring a credit card with you to do so during the course.

Why Choose Us: We are a group of very dedicated, talented and passionate nerds that have experience working within virtually any industry you can think of! We’ve worked within the technological world of TEDx Talks, within the musical world of the Wu-Tang clan and even with up and coming Virtual Reality systems, to name a few examples! We encourage you to take a look at our comprehensive, professional portfolio, located at: Wouldn’t you want your teacher to be an industry-leading professional?

RSVP: Please contact 647-726-2020 to book your spot today!


Chris A. Hughes