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Our 4 Year Anniversary

Our 4 Year Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years since we opened the doors at our shop located at 986 Bathurst Street.  We never imagined that our business would quickly grow from a mom and pop web design shop to a multi-service digital creative firm.  Now, with two locations and over 20 employees, we’re proud to have made a name for ourselves in the creative and design industry and are touted as the best SEO firm in Toronto.  Although our organization has grown to cater to our continually expanding clientele base, we never forget where we began.  To celebrate our 4thanniversary, we are proud to announce that we have renewed our lease at our flagship location on Bathurst and have signed on for an additional two years.    The locals along with the curious passersby can look forward to our eclectic and bright storefront remaining a permanent fixture in the Annex neighborhood. 

When asked what his original plans were, Co-Founder Chris A. Hughes answered “Our business model was simple, but after a few months we realized that we needed more hands.  After a year, we started to look for larger offices.  A lot of start-ups don’t make it to the end of their first lease.  We’re happy that wasn’t a problem for us.”

While the digital market continues to grow along with the increasing demand for branded and engaging ecommerce sites, we’re setting our sites on expanding out of province.  “We have clients from all over the world and have designed multilingual websites.  The opportunities for expansion are are endless, and we plan on seizing them.”  Chris says.

We have made several friends since the inception of A Nerd’s World and are happy that there is a demand for our work in many cities South of the Border.  The question is, where to next?


Chris A. Hughes