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$250 Promotional Video Deal

$250 Promotional Video Deal

Toronto promotional video production that gets people watching, sharing and clicking. We can make it happen.

Great company promotional videos don’t bore viewers with messages they don’t want to hear. Instead, it attracts people by offering high-definition content that will pique their interest and give them a 120 seconds of entertainment. We want to create something great, and people will not only seek it out, but also share on social media.

We are excited to offer the first 10 Toronto clients an extremely discounted rate of $250 per promo video.

What will we include?
1. Semco will visit your location (or our studio).
2. One hour of video
3. One hour of editing

You will receive a 1-2 minute fully edited HD video that can be used on your blog or to promote your business on social media.

Ready to get started? Contact us at or pick up the phone 647-726-2020.


Chris A. Hughes