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7 Reasons your Website will Fail

7 Reasons your Website will Fail

Perhaps you’ve attempted to have a website built in the past. Your cousins neighbour is a waiter but in his spare time he develops excellent websites, plus he offered you a really good deal. You had an amazing vision that people from around the globe would buy your product or service online. So you built your site on a small budget with an inexperienced web designer.  Then you waited and waited. After 6 months you realize that no one showed up to your site. You haven’t even gotten one single customer from your efforts and expense. You have failed on the web. You joined the ranks of millions of others that have gone before and will go after you towards the website graveyard. You are not alone. Out of the almost 55 million websites on the web, fewer than 500,000 of them have any real traffic to speak of. There are over 55 million websites on the net that are complete failures because they have no real traffic nor do they make a profit. If you have been one of those 55 million, don’t worry, it happens to many people.

How to judge failure?

Quite simply, a website with little or no traffic is a failure. Without traffic on your website, then how could anyone ever contact you or hire you? How can they find out about your wonderful products and services? How would they know where you are located and that you have the exact thing that they are looking for? Let’s examine my reasons that websites fail on the Internet and begin thinking about how we can avoid these normal pitfalls in creating your new website traffic or revamping your current website. Below you will find my 7 main reasons that your website will fail if not created and marketed properly.

1. Lack of Content

In my opinion, there could not be a bigger reason of why websites fail on the Internet today. Content needs to add new information to the web. It needs to add value to the web and be something fresh and new. Content is writing about your particular subject or offering in such a way that it helps your rankings with the major search engines. I am talking about writing real content on your site that answer real questions. You have to remember that people on the web are looking for information, not your company personally. When they write in a Google search bar “homes for sale in Toronto” they are looking for information, not a particular real estate agent.  Search engines will analyze your site to see if it offers answers to particular searches that are made through their services. If it does, then for that set of keywords, you may be ranked (and ultimately get more traffic.) If it doesn’t, like the great majority of sites on the web, you will never be found.

2. Updates and Proofreading

I know that it is hard to believe, but there are lots of people who spend thousands of dollars on a website only to let it sit there and do nothing for them. I cannot tell you how many sites I have visited with glaring mistakes in language, verb usage or vocabulary. I have seen the English language torn apart on supposedly professional websites. I have visited sites with tons of broken links instantly turning me away, never to come back. Please remember when visitors click away, they won’t come back.  You have to be constantly adding and updating your information so that the Search Engines will want to keep putting you at the top of their lists. When the Search Engines visit your site with their “spider” programs, they look for the last time the site was updated. The more it is updated, the better ranking you will have.

3. Too many Banner Ads, Weird Colors and  Flashy Text

Websites that look like one huge ad or one big sales pitch will fail. Why? People see hundreds of ads each and every day on billboards & TV. They hear them on the radio while they are driving to work. If your website is not focused on what you do, then surfers will click away.  There are tons of other online companies that will create banner ads for you to place on your site. Don’t do it. They don’t work and won’t make you any money. Only provide external links on your site that help your business because an external link is a way for the surfer to leave your site. They can get distracted and not ever return to your offering.

4. Researching Keywords

Keywords are an important part of how a Search Engine finds your website. Choosing the right keywords doesn’t mean coming up with a list in your head. It means spending some time using web-based tools to help you find what people are actually searching Statistically. Wouldn’t you like to know what people are searching for before writing a blog entry on your website? Try using Google’s free “Keyword Planner” to break down the complete stats before writing your next paragraph.

5. Respond to Visitors in a Timely Manner

It simply baffles my mind that people do not respond to client inquiries. Recently, I contacted several vinyl sign companies in Toronto for a price quote.  I sent 5 emails in total and only one emailed me back within 24 hours. The others either waited over a week or did not email at all. That is a 80% with poor response times.  I cannot tell how this will kill your online business. Of course I chose to work with the company that did contact me and we were printing within 48 hours. Point is, you have to email visitors back quickly or they will find someone else. Not only do you need to respond quickly, you need to respond professionally and personally answer all of their questions.

6. Register your Website on the Local Search Engines

Did you know that the major Search Engines are pouring millions of dollars into developing their local searches? What does this mean? It means the major Search Engines have overtaken the Yellow Pages as the number one medium for searching a local business. Engineers are working around the clock now to create formulas that point searchers in the right direction and towards local vendors that can meet their needs. Are they pointing towards your business?  Everyone from dentists to hair salons who don’t show up on the local search will be at a disadvantage. In my estimate, a full 90% of sites are not showing up in the local searches and will be passed by their competition very soon.

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7. Not having a Website for your Business

Yes, there are so many things you can do wrong that will make your website basically useless, but the worst one of all is not having a website at all. Today people surf the web. This is just a fact. The Internet is no longer a luxury; it is used daily by millions and millions of people from around this beautfiul planet. They are searching for your help right now and if you don’t have a place on the web where they can find you, then they won’t. Need help building a professional website by dedicated graphic designs and web designers in Toronto? If you answered yes please contact a nerd today for a free price quote at (647)726-2020 or

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Chris A. Hughes