Let me guess. You just finished your website and expected to be an instant millionaire.

If only it was that easy, right? While you won’t become a millionaire overnight, I am going to teach you 8 easy ways you can promote your website in 2017.

There is no magic answer when it comes to promoting your website, it takes hard work, a lot of dedication, and the willingness to develop a plan and stick to it.

So, here’s how I do it.

  1. Start a Blog

When I say start a blog, I don’t mean create a blog page and never use it.

You have to use it.

Your blog is an easy way for you to create original content and to target favorable keywords. If you are a little more production savvy, throw some videos in to compliment your posts.

You need to be realistic when it comes to your blog. Set a posting schedule and stick to it.

What’s next?

If you’ve managed to draft up some great posts, hit the publish button and prepare to work even harder. Yes, you read that right.

It only gets harder from here.

Here’s the deal…

You have to take the time to promote your content. If you just hit the publish button and walk away, your content is just another piece in the content graveyard that grows daily on the Internet.

This is how I approach it. If I spend 1 hour creating content, I spend 9 hours promoting it.

Content is an investment, so take the time to properly promote your hard work.

  1. Take Advantage of Local Directories

You will not believe how many businesses ignore local directories. I won’t deny it, it’s seriously dirty work scouring the Internet for local directories, but even in 2017, they still help!

You need all the help you can get to promote your website when it is new. Why pass on local directories?

Here’s what you need to do…

Set aside an entire day to source local directories and list yourself on them. It doesn’t cost you anything and it will help you build your digital footprint. And as much as you won’t believe it, some people still search for businesses this way.

It won’t be fun. You’re going to stumble upon a lot of strange directories, but it will help your website and Google’s spiders will take notice of the additional pages linking to your website.

The best websites take advantage of every tool at their disposal. You want to be the best, right?

  1. Leverage Google Reviews

Did you know that Google Reviews can heavily influence your search ranking? It’s true.

Let me break it down for you…

When you search for something, you’ll often see paid ads, organic results, and for certain industries and types of businesses, the top reviews.

If your business isn’t ranking for keywords, but is killing it when it comes to Google Reviews, you may leapfrog your competition and generate additional organic traffic. See where I’m going with this?

Don’t be lazy, whether you are a new or old business, leverage the value that Google Reviews provide.

Let’s pretend you’re a new business that sells a specific product. Give out some free samples and simply ask for a review. If your product is good, you’ll get those reviews.

Maybe you’re an old business. Get into touch with some of your past clients, remind them that you loved working together, and ask them if they are willing to leave a review. If they had a positive experience with your business, they won’t mind.

Oh, one other thing.

These reviews MUST be genuine. Do not post fake reviews, do not have your friends post a series of clearly fake reviews. Google isn’t stupid and they will see through this. Legitimate reviews should be a decent length and include photos if possible.

  1. Print Advertising

Sounds weird? You’re probably thinking, “How can I promote my website using print material.”

Fair point. I’m not knocking digital advertising. It’s an extremely valuable tool, but too many business owners look down on traditional print advertising and they are missing out.

Here’s what I did…

When I started out, I printed thousands of postcards and flyers and hustled to post them all over Toronto. I left business cards and postcards at the laundromat, I stapled flyers on telephone poles and bulletin boards, and I worked hard to promote my business in person.

Sure, it’s hard work and you’ll sweat, but print advertising is still a great way for you to grow and it shouldn’t be looked down on.

Remember, a potential customer is far more likely to remember you if you take the time to get to know them personally through a face-to-face interaction.

But you need to do it right.

Do not design your own print advertisements (unless you are a graphic designer). You may have great ideas, but pony up and pay someone who knows how to properly design print advertisements.

Print advertisements are a great way to leverage the sense of touch. Digital is great, but it is only one piece of the advertising puzzle.

  1. Build an Email List

Email marketing is huge, but I see so many businesses doing it wrong.

If you have a massive list of emails, USE IT.

Too many businesses build a decent email list and sit on it. You have to actually interact with your email list.

But don’t make this mistake…

Do not bombard your email list. Create an engaging monthly newsletter that has a powerful call to action, make use of promotions, and keep your customers informed about your business.

The best part about a homegrown email list is that the majority of the people on it are part of your target audience. Take advantage of this.

  1. Meetups and Networking

This is a tough thing to do if you are shy. But, if you want to promote your website, you have to be willing to network.

But you have to do it right.

Don’t be that guy.

I’ve been to a lot of events in my day. Don’t be that guy constantly trying to sell people something at an event. No one will buy from you if you come off like a desperate car salesman.

Instead, talk to people, be casual, and at the end of a conversation, calmly hand them a business card.

Here’s the deal.

People don’t like to be talked at, they want to be talked to. Would you rather buy something from the guy standing on top of a table shouting, or the guy who takes the time to talk to you one-on-one? The answer is easy.

The key to succeeding at networking is to be genuine and subtle at the same time. I’ve sold a lot of websites by taking the calm approach to people that I knew ran businesses and needed a high-quality website. I didn’t rush into it and try to sell them my service, I approached them like a human being and took the time to get to know them.

  1. Door-to-Door Advertising

I’m not crazy when I say this. There are many businesses that could land a new client tomorrow if they took the time to try door-to-door sales.

We still do it.

You might find the concept hilarious, but when A Nerd’s World is having a slow sales period, we have no issue hitting the streets and finding new clients.

You have to open your mind to succeed in business.

Think of it like this. There’s a great restaurant in town that you notice doesn’t have a website. If you sell web design services, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that you can help them out.

Now, here is how I would approach the situation:

  1. Make sure my elevator pitch is ready
  2. Order food and get a feel for the place
  3. Ask to speak to the manager or owner and hit him with my pitch
  4. Take subtle notes if the manager expresses interest
  5. Follow up a few days later to close the deal

Here’s the truth…

You’re almost never going to land the sale right away. Most people won’t rush into a deal with someone they don’t know very well. It’s all about the follow-up.

Door-to-door marketing is still an amazing way to promote your website, but you have to know your stuff, and you have to be willing to put in the time to make it work.

  1. Cold Calling

Another old-school method. But guess what, it works.

You don’t gain clients by doing nothing

If your business and website are new, you have to work your way to the top. Some of the most successful businesses landed their first clients through cold calls.

It’s not easy to succeed when it comes to cold calling, trust me, I know. You’ll have to get used to be hung up on, people will deflect as much as possible, but the best cold callers succeed through persistence.

No doesn’t always mean no.

In the world of cold calling, you will meet a lot of resistance. It comes with the territory. You have to learn to ask the right questions and persuade your leads into purchasing your product or service.

Remember, if a lead expresses even a tiny amount of interest, make sure you follow up on it.

A lot of business owners skip traditional cold calling because they think it’s a waste of time. I think they are crazy.

If you want to make money, you have to be willing to invest money. That is how investing works.

Promoting Your Website Takes Hard Work

I’m not kidding when I say it will take a lot of hard work to promote your website.

A Nerd’s World took time to build, and so will your website. But who can argue with our success? We have 4 physical locations, something that is virtually unheard of in the web design and graphic design industries.

If you want to succeed in the world of business, you have to be different and you have to be willing to put in the time.

Hard work is the greatest investment you can make in your business.

Believe me.



Chris A. Hughes