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Have 1:1 conversations about growth, marketing, sales, process and everything in between with one of the world’s top website design, search engine optimization and marketing mentors.


Ask Chris!

Buy back time with a private 1:1 Zoom time with an expert.

A targeted 30-minute and 60-minute conversation with an expert can create better insights and save you time and money. Chris will help you avoid painful rookie mistakes, provide direction and keep you motivated.

*Once a package has been purchased you will be contacted within 48 hours to book your date/time.

Team Pep Talk

The new school for entrepreneurs.

We know that nothing matters more to you than helping your staff and business succeed, and we are committed to building and delivering the best 1:1 solutions and direction possible.  Schedule a private Zoom call with Chris and your team today!

*Once a package has been purchased you will be contacted within 48 hours to book your date/time.


Website Auditing Services

An in-depth video report highlighting the issues that are causing you lost traffic and conversions.

Chris is a specialist in website audits and have been auditing websites since 2006. We have analyzed 100’s of websites and know the key areas that prevent them from ranking well on Google and converting viewers to buyers.  Our bespoke website audit will help you uncover the areas that are holding your business and website back.

We don’t run an automated audit, apply our logo and send it to you with a covering email. We don’t compete with free website auditing services. A free SEO audit might sound appealing; ultimately you get what you pay for. Most free SEO audits output data littered with misleading advice that rarely applies to specific issues on your website.

*All audits will be complete by Chris within 14 days of purchasing a package.

Mentoring Zoom Calls with Chris

Listen to real 30 & 60 minute mentoring Zoom’s with Chris