$250 Security WordPress Package

$250 Security WordPress Package



In today’s technological day and age, we are faced with some very real issues of security when it comes to the privacy and security of websites. The truth is, there are some malicious users out there that are set out to harm others’ well-being. This can be via defamation of a site, deleting content and generally any ill-intended activity that will take away from your business’s online integrity.

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed that if a WordPress site is launched into the world of the internet and is not maintained, it will be doomed to fail on one front or another. This is because the internet is an ever-changing landscape where concepts shift, evolve and take new forms and shapes. Security measures must be kept up to date on your website in order to prevent head-ache inducing scenarios such as business downtime. Imagine being an online-based service business and your website goes down for days at a time due to hacking. That would be detrimental to your bottom line, no?

To remedy any security issue, we are excited to announce our WordPress Security Peace of Mind Package. This $250 investment includes the following:

  • Installation of a WordPress Security Suite
  • Securing your .HTACCESS file
  • Securing your FTP from vulnerabilities
  • Updating as many of the plugins as possible, as to not break any existing custom WordPress functionality
  • Scheduled backups of your website
  • Removing ability to comment on posts
  • Spam management
  • Database optimizations

At A Nerd’s World, we take security very seriously. Our comprehensive set of features help ensure your peace of mind. Why should you be worried about your website’s wellness when you should be focusing on your actual business? Who doesn’t want their website investment protected? Call us today at (647) 726-2020 to talk about levelling up your WordPress website’s security.


Chris A. Hughes