Arranging an Effective Small Retail Store Front

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July 15, 2016
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July 19, 2016

Arranging an Effective Small Retail Store Front

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The arrangement of your small retail store front is so crucial to your bottom line, you may not even realize it! We’ll break it down for you. Your store front is the first impression that you leave any potential customers with. For instance, if your windows are dirty or your display is cluttered, it will turn people away right away. What we’re really getting at is that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Here at A Nerd’s World, we’ve taken our store window display game to the next level. Every day during our hours of operation, we showcase our “live windows” feature. We have 2 real, live nerds setup at desks, in each window. They aren’t there just for show, they are getting real work done! This further emphasizes our portrayal of the company attitude of “what you see is what you get!” with no strings attached.

For this article, we’ve sat down together to brainstorm and generate key points about planning a successful and effective retail store front. We’ve outlined it for you in neat and convenient sections, below.

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Find Some Inspiration

Can’t come up with ideas on your own? No problem. Feel free to use the internet to study the likes of Pinterest, or We also highly suggest that you take a walk through the physical world along a popular street such as Bathurst St. You will find examples of retail store fronts at all spectrums of quality.

Don’t forget that People have 5 Senses, Not 1

Conventional thinking shows that the idea retail managers have about effective store displays is that it’s all about images. Modern thinking, on the other hand, does not forget about the other four senses and so leans more towards a phenomenon that’s known in the industry as “sensory branding.” The secret to creating an enticing and immersive customer experience is through stimulating multiple senses. We’ll take a look at the different senses below:

Sight: From using colors for their psychological triggers, to leveraging lighting, symmetry, balance, contrast, and focus to direct and control where a customer looks and for how long, it’s one of the most captivating elements of small retail store front arrangement.

Sound: The music you play in your store has a strong yet subtle effect on how your customers feel and therefore behave, in store. Depending on who target demographic is, you can play music of varying tempos and popularity.

Touch: People love to touch things. You need to remember to give your customers the ability to touch, feel, and try out whatever it is you’re looking to sell or related items.

Smell: Believe it or not, there’s an entire science to what’s referred to as “scent marketing,” with several studies and real-world case studies of global brands like Samsung, Sony, and Verizon applying it to their advantage. The reason being that smell is considered to be a fast track to the system in your brain that rapidly controls both emotion and memory, two extremely important factors behind why we decide on one product or another, or one brand or another.

Taste: This helps set the tone of a comfortable atmosphere and also stimulates the feeling of relaxation.

Show, Don’t Tell

Before people commit to purchasing something, they generally want an idea of what the product or service will look and feel like. To accommodate this need, for example, we have lined our walls with our portfolio items, both websites and logos.

Set Atmosphere and Mood with Creative Lighting

We love the idea of allowing any potential customer the ability to see what we’re about, at any time during a given day, regardless of whether we’re open or not. We achieve this through the use of high-powered halogen and LED lights that showcase our vast portfolio of work. The thinking behind this is that it attracts more customers and it works!

Create a Sensational Entrance

Even stunning in-store layouts fail to sway shoppers if the store front has little initial appeal. Invest in an eye-catching entrance, strategically placing signage, typography and imagery to entice shoppers inside. Make sure to show off what you’re about within the display area of your store front.

Again, Keep your Windows Shiny

We would like to emphasize this point once again since we find that some shop owners forget about small details like these.

We hope that these guidelines have helped clarify a few things for you, as a small business owner with a retail store front.

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