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September 1, 2015
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September 5, 2015

Years ago, finding business as a law firm was in many ways like shooting fish in a barrel. Sure there was competition, but the field was nothing like it is today. These days you need every possible advantage when competing for a solid client base, as word of mouth, and the occasional press release is often not enough. The concepts of marketing channels like social media and a technologically forward website may seem a bit out of place for a law firm, but in an ever-changing digital landscape, being connected means absolutely everything.

To create a presence online, you need a strategy–this is where a professional creative and design firm comes into play. Ranking above the best lawyer web design agencies in Toronto, we understand the importance of leveraging a law firm’s website as an internet branding and social media marketing tool. When law firms decide to align with a website design agency specializing in producing engaging, industry-specific multimedia content, they benefit from the increase in consistent traffic and customers, which in turn, places their website on the front page, even as the top result on major search engines. These are all very key elements in a successful modern law firm’s digital strategy.

Social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook are about far more intricate than apps that allow you to post photos of your most recent business dinner. These platforms can be used to showcase recent media exposure and truly connect with potential clients in an inviting, way, without pressure or hard selling. Strong Toronto SEO by way of website optimization and management tools can mean the difference between your firm appearing on the first page of Google, which is an opportunity for a multitude of customer engagements or the thirtieth, which, in all honesty, no one sees. Something as simple as a beautiful image, up front and centre of your website’s homepage can lead to increased client contact.

All of the above items can and will lead to a successful lawyer website and overall online presence for your law firm. In a competitive market like the one found here in Toronto, Canada, it could very well be what pushes you to the front of the pack. We here at A Nerd’s World pride ourselves on providing the best possible marketing for lawyers online and in print. We build powerful brands, which we design for longevity and with a commitment to our acute attention to detail. When selecting a design firm, these qualities are essential to creating the best lawyer websites on the market.

Whether you’re starting a new firm or looking to update your brand with a proven pedigree, premiere Toronto-based creative agency A Nerd’s World is here to help.

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