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Why hire a Logo Designer?

Why hire a Logo Designer?

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When you are in the process of starting a new business, most entrepreneurs find it difficult to decide whether to buy a cheap logo at a logo-website somewhere or to have a professional logo custom designed specifically to their needs. Of course, the price is a huge decision-maker here. It seems obvious at first: a few dollars for a generic logo versus a lot more for a professional custom logo. However, don’t be mistaken about the additional “cost” of buying a generic logo.

They usually lack most of the elements defined below:

1. Trust
When a potential client sees your logo for the very first time, they will immediately notice if it looks professional. When they don’t like your logo or if it looks unprofessional, they will often get the impression that you aren’t trustworthy. If your logo looks “amateuristic”, they will also believe that your business is run by a group of amateurs.

2. Recognition
Does your logo look unique? Does it remind them of your business, products or services? If not, then it’s quite difficult for them to recognize your logo in the future and remember your business. When your potential client does not recognize or remember your logo, this will most likely result in a loss of future business, adding up to the “cost” of your cheap logo.

3. Quality
A logo that looks like it was make by a top quality designer will reflect that you care about your business, while a poor logo would reflect that you don’t care about the quality of your business. Your message will be that it is or it is not important to you to look like you deliver quality products or services.

4. Message
When you purchase a cheap logo off the shelf, chances are high that it was designed in a way to suit multiple businesses. As a result, the logo will send out a very broad message that can hardly be linked to your personal business. This also leaves a lot of room for free interpretation by potential clients. While you might think your generic logo looks professional, someone else will believe it looks like something entirely different and it might send out a completely different message.

Remember: You won’t always be the sole person presenting your company. After a while, your logo will most often be the first impression people get about your company. Do realize that this might make or break your entire brand. Don’t make the mistake of always choosing the cheapest solution, because this decision may turn out to be very expensive in the long run.

We may not be the cheapest graphic designers in the city but we are definitely the best option for your business logo design in Toronto. Our custom logo design package is $500 and includes a one-on-one brainstorming session with our art director Sean Farris. Ready to begin? Contact us today at (647)-726-2020 or

Don’t cheap out!


Chris A. Hughes