Red and White Balloons

Red and White Balloons

A Nerd's World on Bathurst

Fifteen years ago I was the manager of a 5000 square foot discount department store called “The Factory Outlet Club”. We specialized in everything from refurbished electronics, cookware, and apparel. My boss was my mentor, his name was Benji. He taught me valuable lessons in running a business. The company at its height had 15 stores across the GTA. He would open a store beside his biggest competitors who had the budget for advertising. Each Factory Outlet Club was situated in prime locations that already had the target customers because of the main retailer that was settled in the area. Besides the big budget his competitors had to promote their business with advertisements, Benji had a simpler approach with signage and balloons that caught everyone’s attention. He spent approximately $250 on helium balloons monthly per store and it would draw crowds of new customers outside of the store everyday.

Balloons on Bathurst - A Nerd's World

I carry on the lessons I’ve learned from my previous workplace and implement it into A Nerd’s World. There are thousands of stores fighting for attention and it is my daily goal to make us stand out on one of the busiest streets of Toronto. It is a gloomy day in the city but you’ll always notice the bright balloons outside of our shop – rain or shine. We rent a helium tank from Blow It. which gets re-filled every two weeks for $100. The investment is small for such a simple way to draw attention to the traffic that drives down Bathurst st. Whether it be my children’s birthday parties or promoting A Nerd’s World, balloons create excitement for any environment. Any small business around the world has the budget for balloons. It is a small price to pay to gain walk-in traffic and new customers. To make your business a success, you must work hard at it everyday.


Chris A. Hughes