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STAGE ONE – Research

Our brand-building experience with the Queen Street West BIA began in a vein, not unlike each of our creations. We started our process by collecting photographs and images to wield a mood board, so as to more deeply understand the brand that we were to bring to fruition. As we are located right in the heart of Queen Street West, we were lucky enough to begin this particular process with a visual audit of our immediate neighbourhood. A group of us nerds walked from Simcoe to Bathurst on Queen Street (the official boundaries of the Queen Street West BIA), taking photographs and making descriptive notes of the sounds, signs and visceral notions that we encountered. Fashion, music, food and art dominate our landscape, and so the harmony of these qualities becomes essential to the development of a comprehensive, unique and honest brand that reflects itself wholeheartedly.

STAGE TWO – Pencil to Paper

With ample ammo for inspiration, we then continued the process by bringing a pencil to paper. We believe with all our soul power that a logo must begin with a human hand (or at least an artistically inclined living creature of some sort) With research prepared, this stage is filled with free-flowing creativity running at its highest frequency. Taking all of our preemptive research into consideration, we were able to explore and develop as many possibilities as we feel necessary.


With our ideas organized and on paper, we were able to begin the process of initial logo concept creation. Depending on the design package selected, we offer initial concepts in groups of 3, 5 and 10. Or in other words: bronze, silver and gold. Queen Streets’s endeavour into our silver package allowed us to develop 5 original concepts for them to review. Each of the concepts were developed to highlight varied potential directions for the project. Queen Street’s long history and eclectic nature lead the path for a wide variety of potential concepts.

STAGE FOUR – Revisions

After the BIA had a chance to review our initial concepts, they provided us with feedback, noting changes in the direction that they had hoped to see made. This back and forth processes played out through three rounds of revisions, eventually narrowing our selection into a custom word mark and colour pallet reminiscent of the seventies. This allowed us to specify our focus and find the best possible representation of the targeted sentiment.