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CBC’s Metro Morning Interview

CBC’s Metro Morning Interview

Chris Hughes on CBC Metro Morning

On Monday, March 21, 2016 I was invited to speak with Matt Galloway of Metro Morning at the CBC radio station, regarding the discontinuation of FujiFilm’s FP-100C peel-a-part film. The announcement has caused a stir in the film community, with film photographers all over the world protesting the company’s decision. A rumour has sparked about FujiFilm meeting with Kaps founder of The Impossible Project, to keep the line in production. Film enthusiasts have begun purchasing the remaining stock before it is extinct. The audio interview can be heard here.

There are over 400 vintage cameras displayed at both A Nerd’s World locations. The camera wall has brought international attention to the business and my hobby. The impressive collection has opened up many opportunities for marketing and features in the press which gained us much success for being unique and a one-of-a-kind shop. 
Last summer, I was asked to appraise an antique camera on Storage Wars Canada.  Upon airing on television, the camera wall has become a tourist attraction and has gained new clients appreciating the personal aspect of the business. Every time the show airs, I receive a dozen phone calls by elderly women asking if I would be interested in purchasing the film cameras collecting dust in their attics. You can watch my episode here
Any exposure; whether through print, radio, and television, is beneficial for your business. The press allows you to reach different audiences and potential clients. If you are looking for exposure and need tips on how to get started – I would recommend any small business owner to read my previous blog post about “How to Get Free Press Coverage.” 


Chris A. Hughes