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Client Showcase – DOZY Sleep

client showcase dozy sleep

Dozy Sleep

A Nerd’s World Showcases Local Businesses Making Waves in Toronto

Dozy Sleep is a local bed and mattress brand located at 101 Spadina Ave Unit 213, Toronto. They are 100% Toronto based, with both their manufacturing and distribution arms solely located within the GTA. They take great pride in serving the exclusive bed and mattress needs of all Torontonians – using a sleek and efficient distribution model, they are able to significantly cut their overall costs and pass on the savings to consumers.

To understand DOZY, it’s important to understand it’s founder, Dave Owen. Dave Dozy, as some may call him, started from very humble beginnings. Working on mattress deliveries, out of a truck, for a traditional mattress store, he learned the ins and outs of the business. Observing first-hand the bloated nature of mattress and bed sales, with overly-aggressive commission-centered salespeople, and with immense costs to operate large showrooms, Dave set out to do things differently.

With Dozy, Dave was determined to eliminate the bloat from bed and mattress sales, by firstly operating from a modest-sized showroom and employing a trim, non-commission based team, as well as manufacturing his products locally within Toronto. Dave has drastically reduced the overall costs to operate a bed and mattress business. This benefits Torontonians by providing them some of the absolutely most affordable prices found anywhere in the GTA. Some of the prices offered by Dozy are absolutely ridiculous compared to similar offerings from competitors!

Dave is a long-time client at A Nerd’s World, we have served Dave and the DOZY team with everything from Web Design to search engine optimization. Together we have helped to strengthen the DOZY brand.

A Nerd’s World and the DOZY team have many shared values, such as hard work, innovative approach to business, a common sense approach to solving business challenges and an intense desire within their founders to serve their local communities.

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