Holiday Dream Villa

“Two years ago I purchased a rental home in Florida and decided now I should have my own website. Stepping out into an area unknown to me, I began my search for a website design company – A Nerd’s World came up at the top of the Google list. I was a little scared at first not knowing how to go about making or picking a website; but with all the professionalism, talent and patience Chris helped me to choose a theme and explained a lot of information to me regarding web sites. I am so excited about the site and how reasonable the cost was, I wish I found their company two years ago. I would highly recommend A Nerd’s World because of their efficiency, their talent, their dedication to getting everything just the way the customer likes and to top it off very reasonably priced.”

Work Rendered: Website Design



“The folks at a Nerd’s World are my go-to people for web design and maintenance, graphic design, and photography. Reliable, patient, and creative, these guys and gals really took the time to understand how to best provide support to my small business…and they delivered. Highly recommended.”

Work Rendered: Logo Design, Photography and Website Design


Snow’s Victory Florist

“I initially walked into A Nerd’s World because their storefront was both intriguing and inviting. From the first meeting with Chris, Orlando and the team, I was absolutely impressed by the level of customer service provided. (Orlando even took the time to pop into my shop a couple months after working with him to see how everything was going!) A Nerd’s World was able to take my vision and transform it into a gorgeous website. I’m not what you would call “Tech-savvy” but they took the time to explain every step of the way, and made the whole experience fun! Without a doubt, if you are hoping to expand the online portion of your business, I would strongly suggest leaving your idea in the capable hands of the nerds at A Nerd’s World.”

Work Rendered: Logo Design and Website Design


Big Island Quarries

“The staff at A Nerd’s World gave me the nice clean design I wanted quickly and without any compromises. Their straightforward approach and immediate response times on all the questions I had made working with them a breeze. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for website design or photography work.”

Work Rendered: Website Design


Communication Strategist

“For a couple of years, I’d passed A Nerd’s World’s storefront and was always intrigued by their name and their visual presentation – their history of cameras. So when I needed a new website for my business, I thought I’d give them a try. I was impressed by their friendly service, the way they presented creative options based on my goals and their overall design aesthetic. I was extremely pleased with the process and my new site. I would work with Chris and his team again and heartily recommend them.”

Work Rendered: Website Design


Naturopathic Doctor

“Chris and everyone else at A Nerds World provided excellent service for the design and production of my website, logo and business cards. They patiently adjusted the design until I was happy with it and then printed the cards on high quality paper stock. From start to finish, everything took only 10 days. I have received many, many compliments on the quality of the design. I plan to work with them again soon to update my website. I really appreciate being able to access local designers who offer professional services at reasonable prices.”

Work Rendered: Website Design and Business Card Design


Bill the Bat Boy

“I am The Owner and President of Bill Bat Boy Enterprises Inc. A Nerds World was hired to create a new Website for my business. Chris and the rest of the staff were extremely professional and I am extremely pleased with the results. More importantly my clients are impressed and it has helped me to generate more business. They also helped to increasing my ranking on the internet. They did all of this work at a very affordable price. I would not hesitate to recommend A Nerds World to anyone wanting website, or any of their other services.”

Work Rendered: Website Design


Visual Artist

“My son suggested I try Nerd’s World when my existing website became outdated, primarily because it was not accessible on hand-held devices. I am a visual artist, thoroughly at home with the various printmaking media and painting, but not much of a computer expert. We met with Chris and Orlando and explained the purpose and content of the new site, at that time intending to make it commercial. Damond became the (web) designer. I am very impressed with his patience and professionalism, even when halfway through I changed my mind and requested a switch to non-commercial. With Orlando at the front desk and Damond downstairs I couldn’t have asked for a more accommodating team. The end result is a stunning website of the highest quality at a very reasonable price!”

Work Rendered: Website Design


Chartered Accountant

“As a trusted tax consultant, educator and content provider for several Bay Street financial institutions, a professional on-line presence is a priority. I’m not a boring accountant. I don’t want ordinary websites. Through my work with A Nerd’s World over the past two years, I’ve gained consistent and reliable access to an impressive team of creative, technical and artistic talent. The team at A Nerd’s World have been resourceful consultants from the start. They have provided timely technical analysis, as well as introduced new expertise and support for my sites, whenever it was needed. They’ve transformed hand-drawings into digital artwork. They’ve partnered successfully with other suppliers including media, print and application development whenever needed. As a business owner, I get to choose the 100 hours a week that I work. Sure enough, no matter when I need something done, Orlando and Chris are right there with me. Seriously, if you don’t have one already; you need to hire a Nerd.”

Work Rendered: Logo Design, Graphic Design and Website Design


Make-up Artist

“I heard about A Nerd’s World when a flyer landed on my cars windshield. I have literally never ever given a car flyer a glance instead choosing to crumple them as I pick them off my car. But the quality printing, great design and ballsyness of the drop peaked my interest. The flyer sat in my cup holder for three weeks and then months later, when my website needed redesigning I immediately thought of the nerds first. As a small business owner, their prices are truly fantastic. And frankly, for the amount of business they have, should probably go up. In terms of the work that they did, they went above and beyond the five page site that I paid for. When I told them my budget, they stuck to it with no changes and upgraded things that should’ve been charged to me for nothing because they felt like it would be a better design. Unbelievably kind. As soon as it went live I immediately began receiving compliments. We had a rocky start at the beginning of the design process but now that my site is done I realise that a lot of the trouble came from ME not being realistic about my own time frame. If I could do things over, I would’ve redone my site during the slower booking season as opposed to immediately before it began. I put unnecessary pressure on myself, the nerds and the deadline. They are an incredible busy team and it’s not uncommon for me to ride my bike down Bathurst at 7am, 10pm or any time in between and see people hard at work. Their dedication to their business in unparalleled and even now, three months after my site is done, they are still helping me with issues that are the result of me not knowing how to do things! So patient and kind! I highly recommend them but advise anyone about to embark on a site redesign to give them way more time than they quote. It’s not their work that is slow, it’s the revision process and it’s not something that’s worth rushing! Also, give yourself time to check the place out. Their design aesthetic inside is great. The shop is so interesting and their photography is outstanding.”

Work Rendered: Toronto Website Design


Owner of Paus + Grun

“We are thrilled with the new website the folks at A Nerd’s World created for us. The functionality is excellent, and the overall aesthetic is exactly what we were after. Working with us throughout the process, they listened to our ideas, gave us sound advice and were always professional, versatile and enthusiastic. I will recommend A Nerd’s World to other’s, without a doubt.”

Work Rendered: Website Design in Toronto


Life Coach

“I would recommend A Nerd’s World.  What sold me on hiring ANW was being able to visit their store front; the in-person, face-to-face relationship helped me appreciate all that goes on behind the scenes.  As soon as my web developer, Alison, was assigned to the project, I could tell that she was invested in the process, my business and our outcome. I appreciate the help, feedback and free tips from A Nerd’s World.  I’m thrilled with my new website – can’t wait to show it off!”

Work Rendered: Website Design