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    We Specialize in Toronto Dentist SEO

    Running your dental practice can be exhausting and we understand. We will help you design and execute an effective dental search engine optimization strategy so you can have more time in your day. We guarantee to increase your patients and be more profitable, working smarter not harder. We believe that a professional, easy to use and attractive website is the centerpiece of every dentist's marketing strategy, but dental marketing doesn't stop there.

    Our Toronto SEO is about making sure new patients can find you and marketing your dental procedures and cleanings.

    We will focus on the following:

    We Help Connect with Local Customers - When it comes to dentistry, a targeted local search optimization strategy is crucial to bringing in a relevant customer base. Using a combination of location dental keywords along with improving your your current listings across hundreds of directories online, we are able to position your practice so you can be easily found by potential customers in Toronto.

    Mobile Optimization - Over 84% of internet searches are made using a smartphone, that is a fact! My figure does not include tablets or game consoles. We live in an mobile. Your customer experience is interrupted if your website is not functional across all devices and platforms. We ensure that you will avoid this embarrassing mistake of beginner web designers when working with our team of web development experts at A Nerd's World.

    We Build Local Citations - Our first goal is to get you listed on every local directory and event site so that potential patients can find your business online quickly. Inconsistencies in your business name, address, etc. across online directories and local citation sites can potentially wreak havoc on your Google SERPS (search engine ranking pages). We’ll seek out and fix any discrepancies that exist already, immediately improving your discover-ability.

    We can improve Search Engine Rankings - Longevity and Sustainability, these are the two places most SEO Agencies in Toronto fall short in. Turning your website into a highly authoritative powerhouse will not happen overnight, however we use only White hat Google-friendly techniques and creative content marketing strategies to take you to the top and of the Search Engines keep you there.

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    We offer a full range of in-house dental SEO marketing services.