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Do As I Do: How to Lead by Example

Do As I Do: How to Lead by Example

Do As I Do How to Lead by Example
Nothing builds and sustains credibility like a boss who leads by example. Leading is all about influence. How you present yourself in a leadership role affects your ability to successfully leverage authority and motivate your employees. Do you inspire people to follow your lead? Whether you take the time to hand out flyers or help out with a fast approaching deadline you are solely responsible for setting your company standards and expectations.

Here are 5 powerful strategies for inspiring your employees to work hard, maintain loyalty and help your company grow:

1. Establish an impeccable standard of excellence. Set high expectations at the outset and raise the bar on any crucial factors. The best way to establish a standard is by modeling the expected behavior yourself.

2. Always take responsibility. The best way for a leader to lose credibility is to play the blame game. If you make a mistake, admit it. If you forgot, admit that, too.

3. Don’t be afraid to praise. Being the boss doesn’t mean that you should withhold positive feedback. Everyone needs a pat on the back now and then, not just your star performers.

4. Roll up your sleeves. Show that when a job needs to be done, everyone at every level needs to chip in and participate. Do your part, and make sure that what needs to get done, gets done.

5. Get your hands dirty, literally. From cleaning the washroom on your hands and knees to personally licking every stap before a large mail out. Your employees with take note of your actions.

Your team of employees is a key ingredient when seeking success in entrepreneurship. Actions always speak louder than words, particularly when your behaviors motivate people to do their best work. So please do as I do and lead by example.

Chris A. Hughes