3 Steps for Effective Wild Postings Ads

3 Steps for Effective Wild Postings Ads

What are wild postings you ask?

Wild postings are considered a non-conventions form of advertising. We come across them every day when we walk or drive down the city streets in the form of posters on lamp and electrical poles, construction barricades alleyways, park benches, the possibilities are endless.

Why are wild postings effective?
When it comes to small neighborhood businesses wild postings can prove beneficial because the strategy is very cost effective and value of covering a large area to raise awareness for your business will be pennies on the dollar when compare to other Out Of Home advertising methods like billboards and bus shelter ads. I thank a large part of my success to this strategy format because of it’s high response rate among the local communities.

Additionally it tells your target that you guys are out there physically making an effort to get their attention. People can appreciate hard work and effort.

1. Develop a Game Plan
Take a walk around your neighborhood and take note of all the possible places where you can place your campaign. Aim for areas of high traffic for maximum campaign exposure. Part of your preparation should also be getting to now some of the bylaws to make sure you don’t get your business into trouble.

2. Create Posters, Flyers and Door Knockers
This is where the fun starts. If you want to get your branding message across get creative! You want direct and immediate business impact. Think of eye catching visuals that will draw to eye to your add. Have something smart to say and use large headlines that inform your audience about your service or product. Don’t forget to leave contact info and a website. Don’t forget we want our target audience to engage us.

3. Hit the Streets and Start Promoting
There are two methods I use for placing my posters. Wheat Glue or Staples. Over the years I have developed a preference for staples. It’s less messy and you’re not carrying a bucket of glue around with you. Don’t forget to make sure you post your campaign where it can be seen. I generally give myself a radius that is within walking distance and easy access to my store.

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Chris A. Hughes