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SEO Consultation Toronto

SEO Consultation Toronto

Need help with your Toronto SEO? We offer free SEO Consultations in Toronto, and upfront pricing.  Feel free to click here for more information.

In 2018, marketers are shifting a significant portion of their budget toward content development and other digital marketing tools. With the constant change of online trends and introduction of new Google algorithms it’s important to be on top of your digital marketing game, and ahead of your competition.  Working in the leading Toronto web design firm, not a day goes by without hearing the word SEO—it’s one of the most commonly used buzzwords in our industry.  You’ve probably heard about Search Engine Optimization before, but the definition of SEO in 2018 has taken on a new meaning, and its role in executing a successful digital marketing plan is more important than ever.

First off, What is SEO?

In a nutshell, Search Engine Optimization is a skillful blend of techniques and strategies applied to a website design to increase its ranking on a search engine results page (SERP).  In other words, when a company has a solid Search Engine campaign in place, it will show up among the top results in Google and other search engines when relevant keywords are queried.

2018 Search Engine Optimization Guidelines

Years ago, achieving the top spot on Bing or Yahoo was as easy as repeating a frequently searched keyword on your website, to a point where it doesn’t even make sense.  Known as “keyword stuffing” the method is outdated and ineffective.  In fact, with the new Google Penguin, this is considered a black hat tactic, and will get you penalized—in other words, your site no longer exists and will not be crawled.  It sounds pretty scary, but it’s Google’s way of ensuring that search results are accurate, relevant, and informative.  Quality, original content will gain you brownie points with top search engines, we achieve this with on page optimization (Find out how effective SEO blogging can increase your SERP).

We consider our approach to optimizing web pages as both a science and art, and we follow a set of guidelines that are proven to be successful.  The Best Practices for SEO in 2016 include important details that we carefully fine tune to optimize your results while adhering to your budget.  We have worked tirelessly to perfect our strategy, and our success rates continually surpass our competition.

If you are reading this as a business owner who is searching for the best SEO in Toronto, then you have proof that our services yield results.  We’re confident in our practices and welcome you to discuss your business needs and how to improve your website’s rank on the first page of Google.  To find out how we can improve your brand, increase revenue, and gain more traction on your web page, contact a Nerd’s World today for your free SEO consultation.

Thank you,
Chris A. Hughes