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DHL is Faster

DHL is Faster

When it comes to marketing, sometimes we need to loosen our ties and get a little crazy. We’re not talking about swinging from the chandeliers or anything like that, however, sometimes being a traditional marketer just isn’t enough. There comes a time when we have to send in the guerrillas. Guerrilla marketing uses unconventional, creative tactics to achieve results. Based on the term ‘guerrilla warfare,’ this method of marketing takes consumers by surprise by using memorable techniques to advertise a product or service. In today’s digital landscape, it has an even higher impact when campaigns go viral through social media shares. Our Nerd’s found DHL’s “We’re faster” campaign particularly clever.

Guerrilla Marketing strategies and tactics are a fun and cost-effective way to generate build brand identity. After a successful campaign, you’ll leave consumers wondering what you will do next. By combing guerrilla marketing strategies with other powerful digital marketing tools, the possibilities for generating revenue and new business are endless. In case you didn’t have a team of guerrillas readily available, our team of Nerds can provide a plethora of creative ideas for your business and if need be, can put on their guerrilla masks at a moment’s notice. To find out more about creative and innovative branding and advertising strategies that will impact customers in unique ways, set up a branding consultation with our Nerds here today.


Chris A. Hughes