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How to Write a Good Blog

How to Write a Good Blog

Blogs are an often a blend of what’s trending on social media and the web, a report on current events, and what is happening in the blogger’s personal life.  Sometimes they are used as a diary or a guide on a particular topic of interest targeting individual markets.  A blog can be as unique as the person who is writing it and can vary widely between authors.  The internet has changed tremendously over the past decade with the development of new platforms to share information.  Online journaling has been around for many years, well before the term “blog” was even coined.  With the rise of “content marketing” and celebrity bloggers, what is the definition of a blog in 2016?

If you haven’t launched a blog yet, you have some serious catching up to do.  In 2015, blogs were the most popular method of sharing information,  communicating with large audiences, and were the also the primary source readers would turn to for current events and news.  If you want your information or ideas to reach a larger market, blogging is an ideal way to express yourself creatively.  It opens the doors to networking opportunities and allows you to connect with others that share similar interests.  Last but not least, the best blogs in 2016 generate revenue.  As part of a website, they can advertise products or services, build your brand and drive traffic to your business, converting visitors into customers.

The idea of a perfect blog that engages your audience, attracts new visitors, strengthens your brand, and starts conversations with like-minded individuals is a lovely one.  The truth is, as a business owner the likelihood of finding the time to craft one of these elusive blogs pretty slim.  Keep in mind, like any other marketing tool, your competition probably has one too.  If you haven’t blogged before, getting started is the hardest part.

Typical conversations that amateur bloggers have with themselves might sound something like this:

What topics can I write about?  I’ve been sitting here for two hours, and I haven’t written anything … maybe Facebook will inspire me.  *logs onto Facebook*  Oh, it’s Roger’s birthday today!  I should change my profile picture … A kitten meme???  Like!

And so starts the vicious cycle of wasted time. 

At this rate, you will not have the best blog in 2016, or 2017, or ever.  Another thing to consider is, blogging has become more involved and requires strategic planning to drive traffic.  Gone are the days of one paragraph posts describing your day. 

Professional bloggers know the essential elements that make a blog successful including keywords, the best headlines to catch your reader’s attention, relevance, content structure, links, and of course, on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  At A Nerd’s World, we might not be experts in basket weaving, but we are experts in blogging, and we can craft the best basket-weaving blog the industry has ever seen.  So if you’re a basket weaver who needs a blog for your business (or dental practice, law firm, or any other business for that matter), call us to set up a  free consultation.  We will work with you to discuss your ideas and goals, and build your blog from the bottom up–complete with compelling content that will attract unique visitors and keep your audiences wanting more.  Combined with our best SEO practices, you can expect your blog to be one of your most powerful marketing tools in 2016.

Writing an effective business blog can be time-consuming and requires a significant amount of foresight. If you’re interested in starting a new blog or want to reach more people with fresh content, contact us today at 647-348-2020. Leave it to the pros to help you and your business grow!

Thank you,
Chris A. Hughes