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Importance of a Newsletter Campaign

Importance of a Newsletter Campaign

In 2015, it was reported that more than 3.17 billion people around the world use the internet.  67 per cent of those people, use email—that’s nearly 2.5 billion people.  That number is predicted to increase to 2.8 billion in the next two years.  It’s estimated that approximately 200 billion emails are sent out daily, and out of those, 110 billion of them are business emails.  Needless to say, email is a popular way to communicate to a wide range of audiences and is a necessity for companies to communicate internally and with external stakeholders.  Often, it is easier than picking up a phone, and unlike a face to face or telephone conversation, you can edit, delete, or save drafts of your emails to send at a later time. 

In a nutshell, email marketing is a powerful way to connect with people.  As a business owner, you can send a single email advertising a new product launch to thousands of people with ease.  On the receiving end, we can choose what emails to read, and when to read them.  With the majority of people using smartphones to browse the web, emails are pushed directly to audiences, and they don’t need to be at a desk or in front of a computer to read them. 

If you want to target your audience, email marketing can be personalized, and campaigns can be sent out to segments of customers depending on the filters you use.  For example, if you have an e-commerce website, but want to target your local customers for a promotion, you can create a new list that is specific to email marketing campaigns in Toronto.  Depending on what email marketing tool you use, you can also filter by the date the user signed up, and other demographics. 

Email marketing is also a great way to boost traffic to your website and works wonders for SEO in Toronto.  Sending out an email that shows a preview of your newest blog post will encourage readers to click the preview to continue reading, which increases your CTR (Click Through Rate), and drives your traffic.  More traffic means higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

As a Toronto digital agency, we love all forms of internet marketing and often run multichannel campaigns.  Although we believe that every platform plays a role in the success of your website and marketing campaign, it is proven that email marketing is more effective than social media for customer acquisition.  Simply put, social media is an efficient branding tool that allows you to interact with your audience, allowing them to share your content across a variety of networks.  Emails, however, fall directly in our inbox and are more personal.  When the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation took effect, digital marketers everywhere thought it would be the death of email marketing.  The opposite was true–because people have to opt-in to receive emails or personally sign up to email lists, this increases the quality of the leads.  Collecting email addresses via email signups is a fastest growing method for online customer acquisition.

We can name dozens of reasons why email marketing should be part of everyone’s digital marketing and content strategy—but a critical factor, one that is of particular interest to small businesses/Toronto start-ups is that email marketing is very economical and cost-effective.  Whether your audience is in the hundreds, to thousands range, email advertising costs are a tiny fraction of the cost of print advertising.  Also, it’s harder to track the conversion rates of print media—oftentimes, flyers get blown away by the wind, or are looked over and tossed aside with other junk mail.  The added benefit of measuring and tracking audience engagement, CTR, and sharing makes email marketing a preferred channel over print. 

If you have never launched an email campaign before, it’s not too late to start—remember, quality content is key, and this includes a catchy subject line to ensure that your email gets opened.  For more tips and advice on email marketing, or to discuss setting up your email marketing campaign in Toronto, contact us for a free digital marketing consultation today.


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