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Local SEO Toronto


Toronto's Best Local SEO

At A Nerd’s World, we’re proud to be Local SEO Toronto. A majority of businesses, especially smaller ones, aren’t focused on providing their goods or services to all of North America or the world. Rather, their main goal is to focus on potential clients in Toronto, the GTA, and Ontario. Why would you wait for your good to be shipped from the west coast when you can drive down the street to get the same thing? Our nerds are experts at optimizing websites locally for search engines.

Toronto Local SEO shares many of the same principles as Organic SEO. Organic SEO is accomplished through working with your website to optimize it for Google, whether that means submitting it to search directories, changing your URLs, or editing the image tags on your photos. Organic SEO is different from Pay Per Click (PPC) SEO, where you pay Google to have your website featured in the ad section, and pay a predetermined price every time someone clicks your link.

The lifeblood of local SEO is mobile responsiveness. A majority of Google searches for local businesses come from a mobile device. If your website is not supported on mobile platforms, Google punishes you by dropping your ranking. If you want your business to succeed locally in Toronto or elsewhere, it’s vital that your website is responsive and fast on mobile devices.

Imagine you’re walking down the street in Toronto’s beautiful West Queen West neighborhood. You’re hungry. Do you just walk into the very first restaurant you see? Or do you pull out your phone and search Google or Yelp for “best restaurant Queen West”? This is why local SEO marketing is so important to small businesses in Toronto and throughout the world.

Optimizing Your Website in Toronto

In this day and age, there’s no better way to market your business than with search engine optimization. A Nerd’s World is proud to provide Toronto’s leading local SEO services. Why spend thousands of dollars on a billboard or flyers that people will throw in the trash anyway. If you use that money to optimize your website for Google, you’ll know that you’re reaching the people who are in need of your products or services. With billboards and flyers, you’ll be lucky if one out of fifty is your target market.

If you’re tired of the missing sales opportunities that you feel you should be capturing, give A Nerd’s World a call today at (647) 348-2020. Our nerds would love to sit down with you for a free in-person consultation to discuss your business goals and our SEO packages. We can’t wait to work with you. Your customers are out there. A Nerd’s World will help you turn potential clients into dollars.