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Creating a Professional Logo for your Business

Creating a Professional Logo for your Business

Custom logo design, it’s an integral part of just about any successful business. That said, it’s likely not something much of the general public knows a whole lot about. We’re surrounded by brand based influence every day. From the golden arches of McDonald’s to the bright red tone we all recognize immediately as being an ice cold Coca-Cola – logo design, logo design, logo design! Each and every brand, meticulously crafted to gain our confidence (hopefully from an honest and integrity driven perspective more times than not).


Today I sat down for a couple minutes to go over just what goes into a logo, albeit somewhat awkwardly. I’m a logo designer in Toronto, not an L.A. actor! From initial pencil to paper sketches, to final vectors in all their bright and colorful glory, I touch on the basics of brand design. In forthcoming videos we’ll get into specifics to further explore this whole thing but for now, enjoy watching me squirm… and hopefully learn a thing or two about affordable logo design in Toronto or anywhere for that matter.

A professional business should look professional. New business owners often invest a lot of time and money in property and equipment, but do not often match it by investing suitably in their logo.

Here are the most common reasons why many logos look amateurish:

1. The business owner wanted to save money by designing the logo quickly themselves.
2. A friend or relative who claims to know a little about graphic design does it as a favor.
3. The wrong people are commissioned. (Local printers are not likely proficient in logo design.)
4. The business outsourced the job via one of several design competition websites, which are mostly populated by amateur designers.
5. The job was given to an online company that offers $99 cheap logos.All of the above can result in disastrous outcomes. If your logo looks amateurish, then so will your business. A business should know where to look when it wants a new logo.

A Nerd’s World offers great insight on how to choose the right logo design for your business. Contact us today to help build a professional affordable logo for your business.

Sean Farris