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STAGE ONE – Client’s Proposed Concept

The client provided their sketched vision of the design that they would like to achieve. Upon presenting the concept to us, the client then provided further insight and detail to the drawing to ensure that our team understands the direction of the logo design such as lowercase and capitalization of lettering. The preferred colour was stated was orange, at which time during our initial discussion – we narrowed the shade of orange best suited for the logo.

STAGE TWO – Initial Designs

Our team created 3 designs closely to the client’s proposed concept with the colour chosen along with similar shades to compliment the design and 3 layout styles of the logo within the initial designs presented.

STAGE THREE – Revisions To Chosen Design

The client chose one of the concepts from the initial designs presented, with specific request of the icon and font to proceed with into the next set. At which time our team made improved versions of the chosen concept with direction of the client to present a revised set to the preferred design.

STAGE FOUR – Final Options

On the second and final revision the client chose the second design and orange shade of the third design to achieve the final two options with a thinner and thicker icon to chose between as requested in a detailed revision addressed to us upon review.

STAGE FIVE – Completed Logo Design

Upon review of the last two options presented, the client chose the final design as their new logo. Our goal is to achieve the logo you envision and providing a sketch or draft copy of your concept, will allow us to bring your design to life in the Bronze Logo Design Package.