Million Dollar Sellers Course

Our course lays out the foundation of what it takes in order to succeed in selling your services in the digital world. Selling is a skill that can be learned, developed, mastered and we have the experience to teach you how. Our course will set you down the path to increased sales, higher levels of confidence, and more motivation as you approach prospective clients. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience in sales but require more guidance on how to sell websites, logo design, and SEO – we will teach you how to generate more sales for your business!




Don’t just watch our videos! Practice what you learn with course assignments, get personal feedback in our members only Facebook group and learn together in monthly zoom classrooms.



The ability to sell your service is the key to your survival and prosperity. It’s an area that’s a problem for many business people.

With over 30+ years combined, our sales experiences have taught us the way to approach any client in any business opportunity. Our goal is to help turn underdogs into champions and rookies into industry leaders. When you follow our best of both world’s sales guide, you will gain clarity and confidence in your ability to sell like never before. Sales becomes easier and a lot more exciting when you know how to start and where you’re going. You’ll help your clients through the sales process instead of fighting to close a deal. When you do that, you will hit your goals with greater consistency, achieve more recognition internally, earn a higher income, and know what it’s like to truly be a salesperson people love.

Selling isn’t about pushing a product or service, it’s about solving problems. That’s why the best salespeople are seen as problem solvers, trusted advisors who can be relied upon to give great advice. This course will help sharpen your skills and equip yourself with the knowledge to run a successful business. It will give you the basic skills that you need to be able to sell your product or service. It’s based on strategies and skills that are proven to deliver the best results in the most effective way. Whether you’re just getting started, or want to learn how to progress further – THIS is the course that you will help make you the best salesperson that you can be.



Learn from the Industry’s Best Couple in Business

We started with a dream and very little to our name, pushing our vision into reality and spending every minute to build A Nerd’s World in our basement apartment over 16 years ago. In 2013, we invested every dollar we had in the bank to open the first retail store in downtown Toronto. With no hand-outs, no loans, no investors and no university diplomas, we had no choice but to succeed on our own.

Our daily hustle meant cold calling, guerilla marketing, learning how to approach clients from all industries and stages in business, and working around the clock to become a household name in the digital marketing world. We knew what we wanted A Nerd’s World to become, so we worked our way to become exactly that. Self motivation, dedication, and hard work is key to a successful business BUT FIRST you’ll need to know how to sell the service you believe in, in order to get there.

We don’t mean to brag, but our client list includes Toyota, Sick Kids Hospital, tedX, University of Toronto, Toys “R” Us, Oxford Properties,  to local restaurants and organizations such as Evergreen Brick Works. We ran 4 retail locations with over 33 talented nerds our team. Over the course of the last year we began preparing courses to share our expertise and experience in order to to assist others in reaching their full potential and achieve a successful business as we have. The day we started A Nerd’s World, we never turned back. Today it’s your turn to start the journey in taking your business to the next level – and it all begins with sales.

After our sales course, you’ll be able to:

  • Approach any prospect with breakthrough confidence
  • Understand the power of questions and how to get the information you need
  • Learn how to handle objections effectively
  • Assessing and tailoring your approach to the client’s goals or needs
  • Harness the power of urgency to shorten the sales cycle
  • Bust through the 3 biggest mistakes in closing Sales
  • Appeal to all kinds of clients/customers in any market

What is included in this course:

  • Lifetime access + all future updates included
  • Category assignments to complete
  • Participate in monthly members only Zooms
  • Exclusive access to our Members only Facebook Group
  • This course launches February 1st, 2022



Our Training Curriculum

Over 50+ detailed step-by-step  videos, with more being added!

Introduction to Course
  • Introduction to Course (video)
  • Complete all Assignments (video)
  • Participate in Members Only FB Group (video)
Meet Your Instructors
  • Meet Grace Hughes (video)
  • Meet Chris A. Hughes (video)
How to Become a Better Salesperson
  • Timing is Everything (video)
  • Instantly Build Rapport with Anyone (video)
  • Develop the Right Mindset and be More Confident in Yourself and What You’re Selling (video)
  • How to Successfully Run a Business Meeting (video)
  • How to Become a Stronger Listener and Identify Customers’ Main Pain Points (video)
  • The Best Way to Uncover How Much a Person is Willing to Spend (video)
  • Pitch your Idea and Convince People to Believe in you (video)
  • How to Get your Customers to Buy Emotionally (video)
  • How to Handle Deal Breaking Objections (video)
  • How to Close Deals Without Using High Pressure Techniques (video)
Concrete Hustle: Selling on the Street
  • Design & Print Flyer (video)
  • Who, What, Where, When and Why? (video)
  • Lace up your Sneakers (video)
  • Preparing for Rejection (video)
  • Planting Seeds in the Community (video)
  • Hidden Camera with Real Prospects (video)
  • Importance of a Killer Follow-up (video)
  • Assignment (video + document)


Cold Calls: Making Money with a Phone
  • Introduction to Cold Calls (video)
  • 5 Advantages to Cold Calling over the Phone (video)
  • Preparation for Cold Call (video)
  • Creating a Cold Call Script (video)
  • After the Cold Call: Reviewing your Results (video)
  • Logging your Activity (video)
  • How/When should you Follow-up? (video)
  • Listen in on Real Cold Calls (video)
  • Assignment (video + document)
Warm Calls: How to Close More Deals
  • WTF is a Warm Call? (video)
  • Handing Referrals? (video)
  • Ranking on Google (video)
  • Responding to Email Inquiries (video)
  • From Email to Phone (video)
  • Scheduled Follow-up (video)
  • Closing More Deals (video)
Responding to Emails
  • Time is of the Essence (video)
  • Asking the Right Questions (video)
  • Understanding Client Goals (video)
  • Requesting a Budget (video)
  • Preparing a Price Quote (video)
  • Closing the Deal! (video)
  • Assignment (video + document)


Instagram: Selling your Service on Social Media
  • Why Instagram? (video)
  • How to Get Started? (video)
  • 5 Steps for Selling your Service on IG (video)
  • Review Real Direct Messages that Work (video)
  • It Goes down in the DM’s (video)
  • Assignment (video + document)
Members Only Zoom Class
  • Members Only Zoom Class #1 (coming soon)
Ask Chris & Grace! Frequently Asked Questions
  • Introduction to frequently asked questions (video)
  • How to Get my First Sale? (video)
  • Best Place to Sell? (video)
  • Overcoming Shyness when Selling (video)
  • More to come…
  • It Is Time To Take Action! (video)

Who this Course is For

Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience in sales but require more guidance on how to sell websites, logo design, and SEO – we will teach you how to generate more sales for your business!


Unlimited Access

You’ll have lifetime access to this Sales course – view it from all your devices and at your own pace. We’ll update the modules with new updated video content throughout the year.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our goal is to provide massive amounts of Sales knowledge! We’re confident in our ability and if you’re not satisfied with this course or change your mind, contact us for a full refund within 7 days of purchase.


Purchase the exclusive life-time access today for $250 USD, before the launch of our Million Dollar Sellers Course on February 1st, 2022.

Let’s be honest, most sales people focus on short term tactics that trick people into buying something they don’t actually need. This typically leads to buyers’ regretting their decision and broken business relationships. The course will not only introduce real life sales techniques, but also provide you with the valuable opportunity to practice and assess your skills through our scheduled group zooms and checklists!

The Million Dollar Sellers Course is designed to teach anyone the essential selling skills you’ll need to sell your service. You will learn different selling techniques, understand the importance of listening and communication with each prospect or client, explore how relationships influence the selling process, and how variables can help you close the sale. We will have a close look at various ways of approaching the customer, and the most relevant techniques for asking the right questions.

If you’re ready to take your sales skills to the next level and learn how you can be great at sales, we’ll see you in the Course!

Chris A. Hughes
Co-Founder of A Nerd’s World