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My Top 10 Entrepreneurs List for 2016

My Top 10 Entrepreneurs List for 2016

What is an Entrepreneur?

According to Wikipedia an entrepreneur is “a person who starts and runs a business or organization… He or she develops a business plan, obtains financing and hires employees necessary to run the business.”

For me, an entrepreneur is someone with a vision and unmatchable drive to succeed. When I started my first online business in 2000, Just 4 Kicks, I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve, and I did whatever it took to make it a success and most nights that didn’t include sleep. It is my belief that an essential part of being a business owner is doing absolutely everything possible to make your venture a success, and an often overlooked part of that is always learning from others who have already accomplished what you are trying to achieve.

Taking time to learn about these people will give you a better education than you could ever hope to get at a university, and the best part is that it’s completely free. Here is a list of 10 entrepreneurs whom have been most helpful to me as a business owner. Part of my daily routine is revisiting youtube videos of what my top 10 entrepreneurs have achieved. Every morning begins with a 25 minute bubble bath as I listen to the stories and motivational speeches of influential business men/women who inspire me to succeed.

1.)    Sean Belnick: At the age of 14 Sean started the online office furniture retailer, he saw something wrong with the current way office furniture retailers were operating, so he solved it. He turned an investment of $500 in to a company with a revenue of over $40 million dollars a year. Even at a young age, Sean had an understanding for how business should be done, and now at the age of 22 has a net worth of $42 million dollars.

2.)    Sophia Amoruso: made her net worth of $250 million dollars by “selling other people’s junk”. She began her clothing retail company selling clothes she found from second-hand stores online on eBay. Her company now has customers in 60 countries. Sophia was able to gauge the demand for a product and scale her business to make use of that demand — Her ability to do that is an extremely valuable skill for an entrepreneur to have.

3.)    Tony Hsieh: The CEO of the, has a net worth of $840 million dollars and lives in a trailer just so he can be closer to his office and focus on his work. Tony puts an emphasis on a relaxed corporate culture, and on his work ethic. Tony truly does practice what he preaches.

4.)    Casey Neistat: A filmmaker and entrepreneur who just won the Shorty Award for YouTuber of the Year. Casey is the founder and CEO of, a video messaging application. Casey is a social media influencer and has companies such as Nike, Google, and Mercedes-Benz approach him for his expertise. He may have a net worth of $1.5 million now, but that number is quickly going up.

5.)    Gary Vaynerchuk: Gary converted his father’s liquor store into the Wine Library, and by doing so, turned a business with an annual revenue of 3 million in to one with 50 million and gained a personal net worth of $10 million dollars. Gary utilized social media and viral videos to make it possible. One of the greatest contributions to his success was The Wine Library Review, a segment uploaded on YouTube, which quickly became the most influential wine review in the world.  Visit to see what is new.

6.)    Grant Cardone: is one of the best cold callers and closers in the world and has a net worth of $100 million dollars. When A Nerd’s World had to make cold calls, we sat down and studied what Grant Cardone had to say and it has helped us immensely and I largely credit the success I’ve had with cold calls to what I’ve learned from him. He also created the 10x rule, which states that you must do 10 times the amount of work that your competitor is doing to guarantee success. His message of working harder than the competition is something I have internalized and practice myself.

7.)    Joe Ades: Is considered the greatest street salesman in New York history. He became a millionaire by selling potato peelers on street corners for 5 dollars each. I have great admiration for his hustle, and it just goes to show you that if you are a first-rate salesman it doesn’t matter what your product is.  Prior to opening A Nerd’s World I was on the street selling everything from mattresses to tractor tires and from socks to Christmas lights, so I have complete admiration for a true street hustler.

8.)    Mark Cuban: Took his love of broadcasting and basketball to create the company Broadcast, a company that was bought by Yahoo! for $5.7 billion dollars. Starting a business that you are passionate about is in my opinion the best kind of business to start — and hey, you might even be able to get $3 billion dollar net worth out of it.

9.)    Jack Ma: Founded China’s largest internet company,, without ever writing a line of code or closing a single sale, that’s pretty surprising for someone who’s amassed a net worth of $22.5 billion dollars. Jack achieved success by looking at the big picture and knowing how to manage a company well.

10.)  Hozea Massiah: Is a personal friend of mine. Sixteen years ago when I had a clothing store on Yonge street I knew him as ‘Big Apple’, and he had a store only 10 doors south. I always admired him for his hustle and his dedication to work. For Hozea, there was never a time where he wasn’t in work mode, there were even times where he would call me at 4 am to brainstorm. He was never one to shy away from being different, and had a tendency to set fashion trends without effort. He now owns and operates an online clothing line, as well as

I would strongly recommend that anyone who is interested in starting a business to study these people and others like them. At A Nerd’s World we have experience working with entrepreneurs assisting them in achieving their goals. If you are a small business owner looking to take your company to the next level, you have to do everything in your power to do that. You can start by hiring the best web design company in Toronto.


Chris A. Hughes