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Plastic Surgery SEO in Toronto

In 2016 and beyond, it’s essential for any business to use search engine optimization. The plastic surgery industry is no different. In Toronto alone, there are hundreds of plastic surgeons competing for a limited number of clients. How does your business set itself apart? There was a time when businesses could run on word of mouth referrals and ads in the Yellow Pages. That’s no longer the case (I haven’t seen a phone book in a couple years, now that I think about it).

Nowadays, SEO is the most effective way to put your website (and thus, your business) in front of your customers’ eyes. For example, the terms “plastic surgery Toronto” and “breast augmentation Toronto” are both searched 1,300 times per month, or over 31,000 times per year total. Think of how many more potential clients would see your website if it was on the first or second page of Google results for those terms as opposed to the fifth or sixth page. A recent study showed that nine out of ten people don’t even look past the first page when assessing Google results. Our plastic surgery SEO nerds can put your website and your medical practice in a position to succeed.


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When you work with A Nerd’s World’s SEO team, you can rest assured that your business is in the hands of the best SEO company in Toronto. Our search engine optimization nerds know exactly what it takes to help your website climb up the Google rankings. In some cases, the strategy is simple, from setting up a Google My Business listing to adding your business to directories like Yelp. In other cases, the strategy is a bit more complicated, like enabling robots.txt and setting up canonical URLs.  However complicated or simple the strategy, our talented and hard-working nerds know how to put your website in a position to succeed.

Don’t wait any longer while you keep losing potential clients to your competitors.  Give our nerds a call today at (647) 348-2020 to set up your free SEO consultation at our head office in downtown Toronto. All of our work is completed in-house at our 688 Richmond St. West #304 head office location. Lots of local SEO companies will take on your campaign and outsource the work. Not at A Nerd’s World. Everything is done under one roof. Give us a call today to get your campaign started. You’ll be happy you did.