Putting a Face to Your Business & Website

Putting a Face to Your Business & Website


At A Nerd’s World we believe in transparency and that’s exactly why on our website, and all our locations, we display pictures of the people at our firm. As a client, you know exactly who is going to be working on your website or taking your headshot. We believe our approach to business makes us more personal and creates a level of accountability that is lacking from our competitors.

Just because someone is wearing a nice suit doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good at what they do. We believe that professionalism comes from the quality of our work not the quality of the clothes we wear. We’ve created a casual and relaxed environment for our customers, making them feel comfortable, and promoting an open dialogue between us.

We are proudly 100% in house and don’t outsource any of our work. At A Nerd’s World we don’t like to use the word employee, we prefer the word artist. On our about us page we have all of our artist’s full names, photos, and a mini biography about each of them. We feel like expressing ourselves to our clients allows them to feel comfortable expressing themselves to us.

We are a counter to the corporate world of stock images and suits. We may come in to a meeting in khakis and a t-shirt. But, we are experienced and knowledgeable, and at the end of the day we put more importance on that than our clothing.

A Nerd's World - 986 Bathurst Street

One of the things that sets us apart from other Toronto web design firms is our 986 Bathurst location, a walk-in boutique style office. Our clients can drop by to sit on our bar stools and inquire about their current project, schedule a corporate headshot, or talk about a website they’d like made. Unlike a lot of other web design firms where you only communicate with them via a phone call, an email, or Skype, we allow people the ability to have a good old fashion face-to-face conversation.

Giving your company more personality allows it to stand out from a crowd. If you are the face of your company, you are using your individuality to your advantage. CEO’s like Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs are the faces of their companies and it has worked well for them.

We strongly encourage businesses to do the same and celebrate what makes them different.  Putting a face to your company will improve your businesses’ reliability, and will make people feel like there are doing business with a person rather than an inanimate object. For a lot of businesses’ their employees’ individuality has been an untapped resource.

And remember we also have Barrie Web Design, Oakville Web Design and Mississauga Web Design services.


Chris A. Hughes