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SEO Checklist for Beginners

SEO Checklist for Beginners

I’ve created a checklist for those uploading new websites or relaunching websites. If you are searching for the Best SEO team in Toronto look no further.  I’ve created this checklist is a great way to easily check that your website complies with current SEO best practice and that you have not missed a simple “trick” which could see your website jump to the top of Googles search rankings.

1.  Have you installed Google Analytics?
2.  Have you installed Google Webmaster Tools?
3.  Have you installed Bing Webmaster Tools?
4.  Have you installed the All-in-One SEO Plugin?
5.  Have you checked Google Webmaster Tools for 404/500 errors?
6.  Have you created custom page names, titles, meta descriptions?
7.  Are your title texts under 60 characters?
8.  Are your meta descriptions under 150 characters?
9.  Have you used Screaming Frog to find broken links?
10. Have you used the Google Keyword Planner?
11. Have you looked at what Keywords your competitors are targeting?
12. Have you purchased an SSL certificate?
13. Are you using H1, H2, H3 tags on each page?
14. Do your website pages have a minimum of 400 words per page?
15. Are you utilizing your Keywords throughout website
16. Do your photographs have ALT tags and proper file names?
17. Are you linking to internal pages on your website?
18. Have you checked your website Speed?
19. Do you have an XML sitemap submitted to Google?
20. Do you have a Blog, with a minimum of 8 original content posts?
21. Do you have social media sharing function on blog posts?
22. Do you allow readers to comment?
23. Have you signed up for Social Media – Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin?
24. Are your Social Media Icons prominent on your website?
25. From your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings > Writing and scroll down to Update Services – add:

I’ve prepared this checklist for our new clients to better understand the process and importance of Search Engine Optimization.  Do you need help building a new website? We offer free in-person consultation to discuss your SEO Toronto Strategy.  Contact me today at

Thank you,
Chris A. Hughes