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SEO is an Investment not an Expense

SEO is an Investment not an Expense

Is search engine optimization worth it in 2016? The short answer is “yes,” and there is definitely more to that, but we’ll discuss that later in this blog. Over 83 per cent of internet users search keywords at some point during their day–there’s a good chance that you’ve found this delightful post through Google, or some other search engine. There’s probably a reason you’re running a query on Toronto SEO–most likely because you’re run one of the many small businesses in Toronto, and you’re interested in using this powerful marketing tool. However, knowing that you are working on a budget, you need a bit more convincing and conduct some research. Any savvy entrepreneur wants to ensure they make sound decisions when it comes to their company–especially if it affects their budget. After clicking on a few paid ads on Google and visiting a few sites, you have a rough idea of the cost of SEO in Toronto. Right before you think about adding an item to your list of expenses, you decided to click on our link (which is not a paid advertisement) and voila, you’ve ended up here–organically. For that very reason, we would like to let you know that SEO is an investment, not an expense. Optimizing web pages for search engine visibility works and yields results–we swear by it, and it is one of the driving forces at A Nerd’s World. If you were brought here by a direct link from Google, it’s because we used organic SEO techniques to rank highly on Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP).

We achieve this by analyzing relevant keywords, using original and fresh content to engage our audience, employing web auditing tools to test how effective SEO is, and, of course, using a few secret (white hat) tactics of our own. Our method is proven to work for us and has provided hundreds of our customers with a significant return on their investment. We have a vast list of clients who are beyond satisfied to find their company’s site ranked at the top of a Google search results page when their industry is queried.

“Ok, ok. But these companies have a lot of money to spend.” In reality, these companies have tight budgets and before coming to us, were spending money on paid advertising. When you break it down, SEO is one of the most cost effective marketing tools in which you can invest. When compared to other forms of online marketing such as paid advertising and social media campaigns SEO provides an excellent ROI.

A Nerd’s World ranks in the top 3 results on Search Engine Results Pages for over 1600 keywords and that number continues to grow every day. While we believe social media is an important part of your brand, implementing an ongoing SEO campaign will be the driving force of your internet marketing campaign. It’s clear that SEO provides consistent value, and its longevity surpasses that of Paid Campaigns. If you have an exceptional website that you’re proud of, what’s the point of having one it if no one sees it? Not showing up in a search query is like not existing at all. The bottom line is Search Engine Optimization as an Investment is a fundamental part of increasing your company’s revenue.

By working directly with A Nerd’s World, you can rest assured that as a local creative agency, we know what’s trending in Toronto. When you hire us, you won’t rank #1 overnight, and like any masterpiece, it takes time. We like to use this analogy: A person who has no experience in the gym hires the best personal trainer in the world, but do they expect to have the body of a fitness model overnight? Surely not, but they’ve taken the first step in getting there. For Search Engine Optimization to produce quality results, it needs to be nurtured–but given all the benefits you will reap once your campaign is in full-force, you will see that it provides the best long-term and residual return on investment.

As a Toronto SEO company that has the highest SERP when nearly 2000 keywords are queried, it’s safe to say that we know what we’re doing. If that doesn’t convince you, we invite you to come in for a free SEO consultation to learn how investing in Search Engine Optimization in 2016 will drive revenue and provide the best ROI for your company.

Thank you,
Chris A. Hughes