SEO: You Have Questions, I Have Answers!

SEO: You Have Questions, I Have Answers!


12 Questions All Businesses Have About SEO

When you’re just getting started online, figuring out how to make search engine optimization (SEO) work for your business can seem overly complicated. Navigating through the best practices while avoiding the common pitfalls is enough to make your head spin.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In today’s video I am answered some of the top questions most businesses that are inexperienced with SEO have to help you gain a better understanding of how you can get the most out of your SEO efforts and start seeing results.

1. What would you say is the most common SEO mistakes, problems or ideas? (1:00)

2. Is it better to post, for example, 10 articles at the same day or to distribute them over some period of time? (3:30)

3. He wants a site redesign he says he outranks all his competitors he’s terrified if i make him a new site that he will lose his SEO i don’t know SEO how can i close this website deal and ease his mind. (5:04)

4. How do you incorporate keywords into URLs for pages that don’t necessarily relate to the keyword?  Should every page have a keyword in the URL? (7:46)

5. I started a niche website, I wanted to know if you had any experience on SEO on niche sites. Thank you. (8:23)

6. Are page speed insights as influential on SEO as Google and others make them out to be? How big of a factor is loading time? (11:33)

7. Is promoting a website in your SEO checklist? (13:09)

8. How to grow from top city based results to regional… without losing the city placement… (15:22)

9. When building city or keyword specific landing pages, is it ok to use some duplicate content such as a CTA or bio section? (18:45)

10. Checklist of on-page and hidden SEO must do’s? (20:31)

11. Would love to hear more about keyword grouping. What is it exactly and what’s the best way to approach it for getting results? (22:22)

12. How do you speed up sites and pages? (25:24)

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Chris A. Hughes