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Landing pages are one of the most important parts of your online business and Search Engine Optimization strategy. In this video I will discuss the What’s, Why’s and How’s of creating great lead generating landing pages for your website in 2017. When creating a successful new landing page based on a specific keyword(s) you will boost your online visibility, thus increasing leads and ultimately making more profit for your pocket. Obviously, you should tailor your new landing page(s) to your preferred audience and focus on ONE KEYWORD per landing page.

There are a number of things that go for all landing pages. In my video, I’ll go over some of my best practices to get you started today! A website landing page is a where your online visitor lands or arrives from a third party source, such as Google or social media. So basically it’s a page that’s specifically optimized to evoke a certain reaction from the online visitor, such as buying a product or inquiring on your service.

4 Steps to Creating a Great Landing Page:

1. Generate a Keyword List (aprox. 100 keywords)
2. Verify the quality of those Keywords (I use to find actual statistics on each keyword)
3. Create content based on each keyword (write 500-1000 words)
4. Now it’s time to actual create these landing pages and go live!

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Chris A. Hughes