Ultimate SEO Training Guide

The most comprehensive, step-by-step SEO training that money can buy. My course is designed for entrepreneurs who want to learn the fundamentals of SEO with proven, actionable techniques. Whether you’re a complete beginner to SEO or you have a small business that’s generating consistent income with SEO – you’re in the right place.



With our Ultimate SEO Training Guide, my only goal is to teach you how to rank #1 on Google

Do you want to learn SEO in 2023? As most of you probably know, my background is in entrepreneurship with a crazy passion for SEO. But I didn’t learn SEO by just reading about it in books. To be honest, I’ve never read a SEO book. I learned by doing it, tracking results, and testing new methods. Over the last 15 years, I’ve been able to put together an exact recipe for SEO success.

I know what you are thinking. Where do you start with SEO, right?

Well, I created this SEO training for those interested in learning SEO in record-breaking time. I’ve hand-crafted step-by-step video tutorials to teach you everything I know about SEO in a fraction of the time that it took me. Forget about the SEO jargon, four-syllable words and programming terms. I will speak to you directly, eye-to-eye, in plain English which is easy to follow. I am your Toronto SEO guru, dedicated to giving you a working, formulaic blueprint to create a robust online presence that will generate higher search engine rankings.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn SEO, this is the course that will take you to the next level. I share my exact thoughts and processes for ranking #1 on Google in these videos. Turn your new SEO knowledge into a real business that generates increased income and growing your website’s organic traffic to unimaginable levels. Trust me, I want you to see all the success in this world, and I am confident that SEO is the ultimate way to do it in 2023. Follow my lead – you got this!


My Ultimate SEO Training Guide

Ultimate SEO Course

This SEO course is ultimately for those who are determined to:

  • Watch 49+ Step-by-step training videos to rank #1
  • Learn which SEO factors get the most significant ROI
  • Win the SEO game & dominate the search engines
  • Watch over my shoulder as I teach you SEO secrets
  • Learn about 2023 growth hacks with top web marketer
  • Bottom line – Get higher rankings on Google

What is included:

  • Lifetime Access + all Future Updates Included
  • SEO Spinner the Wheel Game by A Nerd’s World
  • Participate in members only Zoom classes
  • Exclusive Access to our SEO Facebook Group
  • Free Downloadables Section

Who this Course is For

Whether you’re a SEO beginner or an experienced digital marketer that hasn’t seen as much organic traffic growth as you’d like, this course is for those who want to take their rankings to the next level!


Unlimited Access

You’ll have lifetime access to this SEO course – view it from all your devices and at your own pace. I’ll update the modules with new updated video content throughout the year.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

My goal is to provide massive amounts of SEO knowledge! I am confident in my ability and if you’re not satisfied with this course or change your mind, contact me for a full refund within 7 days of purchase.


My SEO Training Curriculum

Over 49+ detailed step-by-step SEO videos, with more being added!


Introduction to course (video)
Why is reverse engineer your competitors’ important? (video)
What are the most important factors for SEO? (video)

Keyword Research

Three Types of Keywords (video)
Three Keyword research mistakes you might be making (video)
Step #1 – Brainstorm (video)
Step #2 – Using Google’s intuitive search (video)
Step #3 – How to steal from your competitors (video)
Editing down your KWL (video)

Creating Epic Content

Introduction to creating content (video)
F*&k a word count! Completeness always wins (video)
Three different types of content (video)
Choosing the right topics & titles for your blogs (video)
How to make your content SEO-friendly? (video)
My 25 to 75 rule (video)
Trust and authority signals (video)
Keep it fresh! (video)

On-Page SEO

User engagement is the new SEO in 2021 (video)
Important image SEO tips that you need to know (video)
How to create meta titles & descriptions for SEO (video)
How broken links hurt your SEO and how to fix them (video)
Five biggest CTR factors (video)
LSI Keywords (video)
Ten steps to promote new content on your website (video)
I hate the words SEO Content (video)
Biggest on-page SEO ranking factors (video)
Let’s review some websites! (video)

Off-Page SEO

Top off-page SEO ranking factors (video)
Printing your way to SEO success in 2021 (video)
How to get your article published in newspapers, radio and tv (video)
What is a backlink? How to get more! (video)

Local SEO

Introduction to Local SEO (video)
How to pick your local keywords? (video)
Edit down your local keyword list (video)
Top ten ways to improve your local SEO (video)
How to properly submit your website to directories (video)
Creating industry & location specific landing pages (video)
Do Google reviews help your local ranking? (video)

Members Only Zoom Class

Members Only Zoom Class #3 (video)
Members Only Zoom Class #2 (video)
Members Only Zoom Class #1 (video)

Ask Chris! Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to frequently asked questions (video)
I really don’t understand keywords (video)
Should I duplicate content on landing pages (video)
Should I reach out to Industry or SEO websites? (video)
How long will it take to rank on Google? (video)
Should you be worried about every statistic? (video)
What are the most important off-page SEO factors? (video)


Conclusion to SEO ultimate training (video)



With our Ultimate SEO Training Guide, my only goal is to teach you how to rank #1 on Google

Purchase exclusive life-time access today for $125 USD.  As I add more and more content, the price will go up and up – but purchase today and you’ll get all the future updates and modules completely free.

If you implement all the actionable steps I walk you through in this course, you will see increased organic traffic to your website and build a new confidence in your SEO ability.

I am personally invested in seeing you succeed on Google – let me give you the techniques and tools to get you to the #1 spot.

Meet me at the top of Google’s ranking pages!

I’ll be waiting,

Chris A. Hughes
Co-Founder of A Nerd’s World