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graphic design toronto

January 1, 2018
10 Most Expensive Logos in the World


Today we will look at 10 of the most expensive logo designs of all time. Do you need help with your logo? We offer custom logo design in Toronto and consultations are always free. Thank you for your time, Chris...
September 25, 2015
print is not dead in 2015

Print Is Dead They Say… Not So Fast

Is print advertising dead? This is a question that i’ve been asked time and time again with the rapid surge of social media and online marketing. While many businesses have completely migrated their advertising efforts to the web driven by its cost...
July 11, 2013

Typography & Illustration

Despite the wealth of fonts available to graphic designers today, we opt to devote our time creating more traditional, beautiful hand-drawn logos and illustrations. Hand-drawn typography is often very intricate, and best of all each work is totally unique. We...