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logo design

January 29, 2019

Queen Street West Re-Brand

Businesses often need to rebrand, and it can be a result of many reasons, including growth, new management, a bad reputation and/or an outdated image. Whatever the reason, it’s important to create a stellar Logo that people will remember. In...
January 1, 2018
10 Most Expensive Logos in the World


Today we will look at 10 of the most expensive logo designs of all time. Do you need help with your logo? We offer custom logo design in Toronto and consultations are always free. Thank you for your time, Chris...
August 16, 2015
creative print ads for 2015

Top 10 Print Ads of 2018

In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s sometimes easy to forget about the importance of printed material — both as a content distribution channel and as an advertising platform. Yet print is still very much in the game for us at...