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Search Engine Optimization Toronto

September 25, 2018


Meet the Toronto SEO agency that brings you traffic and leads instead of excuses. Today we’re talking about the basics of SEO and how they pertain to small business owners, in particular. This post is part of my search engine optimization series written for...
December 31, 2017
SEO Toronto


*Subscribe to my YouTube channel:… You hear the term all the time, but how do you actually rank higher in the biggest search engines like Google? I know when I first heard the term SEO sixteen years ago, it...
December 6, 2017
SEO Toronto


Landing pages are one of the most important parts of your online business and Search Engine Optimization strategy. In this video I will discuss the What’s, Why’s and How’s of creating great lead generating landing pages for your website in...
June 24, 2016
SEO Toronto

Getting Right with Google

Google is the most frequently used search engine in the world. A recent study has shown that over 70% of people use Google as their search engine of choice. For SEO professionals, every day revolves around trying to crack the...
June 22, 2016
keyword research SEO Toronto

Keyword Research: The Backbone of SEO

Because every website, business, and industry is different, search engine optimization strategies vary from campaign to campaign. All campaigns, however, start in the same place—with keyword research. Keyword research is the practice SEO professionals use to identify what terms consumers...
February 26, 2016

SEO is an Investment not an Expense

Is search engine optimization worth it in 2016? The short answer is “yes,” and there is definitely more to that, but we’ll discuss that later in this blog. Over 83 per cent of internet users search keywords at some point during...
August 17, 2015
local seo toronto

What is Local SEO ?

Local SEO is the essential components to every business and brand that wants long term online success across all search engines. What is local SEO? Local Search Engine Optimization has grown significantly over the last few years, particularly given the rise...
August 16, 2015
dentist seo toronto

Dental Marketing Ideas and SEO tips

Toronto Dental Marketing & SEO: In order to properly market your dental practice in Toronto, you will need to make sure you are coming out on the top of the Google search results when people use their browser to find...
November 16, 2014

Google – Organic vs Paid

Search engines are a staple of everyday life for most. Take the time to think about it. When was the last time you said “Google it“? Upon closer investigation, you’ll likely find that the search engine results page (SERP) contains...
October 10, 2014

Toronto SEO Company

Like many other independent business owners, you are probably reading this because you finally jumped on the digital bandwagon and made the big decision to promote your products or services online. You will soon come to realize that having an...