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toronto logo design

January 29, 2019

Queen Street West Re-Brand

Businesses often need to rebrand, and it can be a result of many reasons, including growth, new management, a bad reputation and/or an outdated image. Whatever the reason, it’s important to create a stellar Logo that people will remember. In...
March 3, 2016
Sean Farris, Graphic Design at A Nerd's World

Meet Sean Farris, our Graphic Designer

I suppose it’s time I introduce myself… by now you likely know that my name is Sean Farris (aka. the guy with the Grinch hands in the video still above) and I am indeed the Art Director here at A...
July 11, 2013

Typography & Illustration

Despite the wealth of fonts available to graphic designers today, we opt to devote our time creating more traditional, beautiful hand-drawn logos and illustrations. Hand-drawn typography is often very intricate, and best of all each work is totally unique. We...