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Asheley Readings

Asheley Readings

“I heard about A Nerd’s World when a flyer landed on my cars windshield. I have literally never ever given a car flyer a glance instead choosing to crumple them as I pick them off my car. But the quality printing, great design and ballsyness of the drop peaked my interest.

The flyer sat in my cup holder for three weeks and then months later, when my website needed redesigning I immediately thought of the nerds first.

As a small business owner, their prices are truly fantastic. And frankly, for the amount of business they have, should probably go up. In terms of the work that they did, they went above and beyond the five page site that I paid for. When I told them my budget, they stuck to it with no changes and upgraded things that should’ve been charged to me for nothing because they felt like it would be a better design. Unbelievably kind. As soon as it went live I immediately began receiving compliments.

We had a rocky start at the beginning of the design process but now that my site is done I realise that a lot of the trouble came from ME not being realistic about my own time frame. If I could do things over, I would’ve redone my site during the slower booking season as opposed to immediately before it began. I put unnecessary pressure on myself, the nerds and the deadline.

They are an incredible busy team and it’s not uncommon for me to ride my bike down Bathurst at 7am, 10pm or any time in between and see people hard at work. Their dedication to their business in unparalleled and even now, three months after my site is done, they are still helping me with issues that are the result of me not knowing how to do things! So patient and kind!

I highly recommend them but advise anyone about to embark on a site redesign to give them way more time than they quote. It’s not their work that is slow, it’s the revision process and it’s not something that’s worth rushing!

Also, give yourself time to check the place out. Their design aesthetic inside is great. The shop is so interesting and their photography is outstanding.”

Work Rendered: Toronto Website Design