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JD Greenberg

JD Greenberg

“As a trusted tax consultant, educator and content provider for several Bay Street financial institutions, a professional on-line presence is a priority. I’m not a boring accountant. I don’t want ordinary websites.

Through my work with A Nerd’s World over the past two years, I’ve gained consistent and reliable access to an impressive team of creative, technical and artistic talent. The team at A Nerd’s World have been resourceful consultants from the start. They have provided timely technical analysis, as well as introduced new expertise and support for my sites, whenever it was needed. They’ve transformed hand-drawings into digital artwork. They’ve partnered successfully with other suppliers including media, print and application development whenever needed.

As a business owner, I get to choose the 100 hours a week that I work. Sure enough, no matter when I need something done, Orlando and Chris are right there with me.

Seriously, if you don’t have one already; you need to hire a Nerd.”

Work Rendered: Logo Design, Graphic Design and Website Design