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10 Tips on Blogging

10 Tips on Blogging

Blogging is a great way for businesses to generate organic traffic.  Our A Nerd’s World blog accounts for 38% of our unique visits every month. It seems that the more we write, the more traffic we get.

It wasn’t always this way, though. We didn’t find our groove until about a nine months ago, and we’ve continued working out the kinks ever since. Throughout our journey, however, we’ve definitely learned a few tricks along the way by achieving a 246% growth in blog traffic in 2015.
Lucky for us, we’re also in a unique situation: as a Toronto web development company, we have the ability to test our strategies on a lot of different businesses–in a lot of different industries. Here are some universal, yet often overlooked tips for using your blog as a traffic-generation strategy.

General Rules:

1. Don’t even start blogging unless you can commit to at least 1–2 posts per week.
2. Invest as much time promoting your blog, as you do in writing it.
3. Each post needs a clear call to action. At the very least, urge readers to sign up for your e-mail list.
4. Use a shared content calendar within your organization for planning ahead and keeping your team focused on upcoming topics.
5. Set up your authors with Google Authorship to help with rich snippets in search results.

Rules for Choosing a Topic:

6. Original Content.
7. Use Google keyword planner to find topics.
8. Each blog post should be about just one topic.
9. Include useful information for your reader.
10. Clean design and easy to read (black text on white background).

These are my 10 simple tips for blogging. You probably have 10 of your own. And that’s okay because I’ve realized that everyone has a unique approach to blogging and need to utilize that to their advantage. That’s part of the fun.


Chris A. Hughes