World War 1 Verascope Camera

World War 1 Verascope Camera

One cold morning last year, we attended an estate in the Niagara Falls where we were fortunate enough to come across and purchase a rare World War I Richard Verascope stereo camera previously owned by the French Army. The camera is in pristine condition and included the original leather carrying case and glass slides. Each slide is a piece of history in photographic form and I get shivers every time I place a glass slide into the 3D stereo viewer. Only at A Nerd’s World 986 Bathurst street can you see the 3D stereo camera, viewer, and actual World War I slides in person – leaving you with an experience you’ll never forget.

The International Press has covered my rare World War 1 slides.  Feel free to view the links below with photographs:

The Phoblographer

Canadian Geographic


The Verge

Yes we collect vintage cameras but we respect the past but we also embrace technology and are happy to offer the best headshot studio in Toronto.


Chris A. Hughes