Interactive videos are a simple way to add flare to a website and keep memories safe for years to come. For quality video production in Toronto, call us at A Nerd's World. With dynamic shots, music and editing techniques, one video has the ability to give a company personality and take it to another level.

Our team of Videographers will sit down with you and discuss your personal needs in order to map out a strategic plan that matches your vision. With the use of advanced videography equipment and editing software, you will leave with a video that "wow's" viewers.

Call us today at (647) 726-2020 or visit us in person at 986 Bathurst St.


1. Broadcast Quality High Definition Digital Video

We use the latest HD digital video cameras, including the Sony PMW-EX1, Canon 5D MKii, DJI Phantom 3, GoPro4 and Canon C100 cameras (these provide breathtaking, HD, broadcast quality video). Our premium equipment ensures maximum clarity and detail, contrasting sharply with the production value of lower-end HD cameras.

2. Professional Digital Video Editing

Video editing can make a world of difference. We carefully go through every frame of video, choosing the best shots and seamlessly editing them into a breathtaking story. Additionally, we employ color correction and audio sweetening, interwoven with your choice of music, titles, and graphics.

3. Quick & Reliable Service

Deadlines help drive businesses, and we’re here to help you meet yours — without compromising quality! That’s why we make sure our equipment is properly maintained and our Nerds are always ready to work.

4. Multiple Event Videography Services

We specialize in both video production and event videography, and offer a variety of services. No matter your project or event, we can customize a package that works specifically for you.

5. Videos that Engage Your Viewers

Not all videos achieve the same impact. This is especially true online, where attention spans are shorter. That’s why our videos are produced to keep viewers engaged throughout their duration. We achieve this with our stylistic editing, creative camera work, and attention to detail.

6. Competitive prices

We take great pride in offering exceptional value to our clients. Although you can find videographers at almost any price level, our clients find our pricing to be very competitive relative to the high level of quality we provide.

7. Professional Video Lighting & Sound

Our lighting and sound equipment make an enormous difference. In low light environments we use professional on camera or 3-point lighting so you can clearly see every detail. Our use of high-end Sony wireless and cardioid mics mean audio remains crystal clear while background noise is reduced to a minimum.

8. Experienced & Creative Videographers

Great videography requires a skilled videographer. Our team of professional videographers have an eye for cinematography and know how to capture the most creative and stylized shots.

9. Videography Booking is with A Nerd's World is Easy

A Nerd's World serves Toronto and beyond. Booking is easy! Contact us via email at, or by telephone at 647-726-2020.



  • In-person Consultation
  • A La Carte Editing Services
  • Custom Video Introduction
  • Animated Video



  • 1-3 Minute Promo Video
  • 1-2 Hours of Video
  • Animated Introduction
  • In-person Consultation
  • All Raw Footage Plus Edit
  • 3 Rounds of Revisions



  • Studio or Your Location
  • Duration of Shoot: 4 Hours
  • People, Products or Event
  • All Raw Video Footage
  • 1 Videographer
  • Professional Camera Equip.
  • Camera, Lighting and Microphone



  • Studio or Your Location
  • Duration of Shoot: 8 Hours
  • People, Products or Event
  • All Raw Video Footage
  • 1 Videographer
  • Professional Camera Equip.
  • Camera, Lighting and Microphone