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Vistaprint Business Cards?

Vistaprint Business Cards?


I was recently asked my opinion on Vistaprint. Other than hearing repetitive commercials on the radio boasting their line of business card designs and seeing countless web ads offering free marketing products, I have never actually associated with them. As an artist, I feel like their products lack the personal touch that I believe is a key part of branding.

When I tell you that nothing in this world comes for free, I’m not selling you on a new idea—I’m simply stating the truth. So as a consumer or a business owner, why do we continuously fall for this old gimmick? Because we like getting free stuff. In addition to a catch*, the novelty of freebies usually wears off when we realize the quality of these items pale in comparison to those created by an actual graphic artists who assess the needs of a particular business and actually brands a product or service.

After reading consumer reviews and doing some detective work I decided that I needed to see the products for myself. I’m not one to bash a competitor based on the opinions of others, so I ordered 100 standard business cards, which came to $31.63—a far cry from “free”. When they arrived, I tore the packaging apart like a boy on Christmas morning. It helped that I braced myself for disappointment, because the flimsy cards were horrible – click here to view.

Your business is a long-term investment. Your branding should be too. At A Nerd’s World we don’t offer thousands of business card examples that others have already chosen, nor do we offer the same logos that could be used by either Bob the Baker or Bob the Builder. Our graphic design artists work with you to create a design from scratch, resulting in an original one-of-kind logo that is distinctive, and most importantly your own. Our creative business cards are printed on stock that exceeds industry standards and we have testimonials from many satisfied customers to attest to this.

*Oh, and the catch. Vistaprint claims to specialize in advertising, which they do. For themselves. On your card. In addition to their branding being on your company’s material, their cards are noticeably smaller than the industry standard, with low-resolution print and poor-quality paper stock.

Don’t take our word for it… Vistaprint client feedback:

You get what your pay for and it is evident in the quality of these “free” products. If none of the comments posted by dissatisfied customers bothered you, then you are their target market, not ours. But that’s just my opinion…

Avoid the embarrassment of handing someone a business card only see it on the ground a few minutes later. Pop into a Nerd’s World today for the best in custom business card design.

A Nerd’s World: Proudly serving other entrepreneurs and business owners with custom logo design and business card design for those that share our appreciation for art, creativity, outstanding designs and quality printing. Quality branding doesn’t come for free. Neither does repairing your reputation for lackluster marketing material.

My two sense,

Chris A. Hughes

Great Team!

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great team... thanks Charlie and team for a wonderful and beautiful logo you created for my Senyorita..and thanks to you as well MaryAnn. one great people. thank you and thanks again...

What a great experience!

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It was a pleasure working with A Nerds World. Very professional and the staff was knowledgeable and very co-operative.

Ruth and their team were fast!

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Ruth and their team were fast, easy to work with, and professional.

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