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A Nerd’s World opened four years ago with the dream of bringing honesty to the world of web development. Today, we are North America’s most creative web development company and the world’s first walk-in boutique agency. From our sometimes eclectic attire to the throwback design of our Bathurst Street storefront, it’s clear we’re not your regular, stuffy Web 2.0 guys.

We may be experts, but we’re far from what you would expect and are definitely not your standard "suit and tie" team. We are however nerds who breathe creativity into every project that comes our way. Hands on with every client, working tirelessly to bring you the quick and proven results you deserve. From web development and SEO, graphic design, to brand building, logo design, and headshot photography, come witness the action at A Nerd’s World in downtown Toronto.



Chris isn’t your regular college dropout. He also isn’t your regular CEO. At 25 he started an online t-shirt company, making his first million in the third year. Since then, he’s helped thousands of companies build their brands online and he’s not stopping.



The First Lady and Brand Ambassador of A Nerd’s World. Grace is the proud co-owner who is eager to meet clients and discuss their ideas for a new project. When she isn’t busy, she’s either spending time with her family or admiring vintage cameras.



In high school Jake started a small clothing line which led to creating designs for local bands and businesses. Today he continues to push his passion for design with handrawn illustrations, detailed logos, and stunning posters to name a few.



From Celine Dion and the Montreal Canadians, to Smoked Meat with Poutine, Ming truly loves all things French. Born a gifted musician with the ability to play 12 musical instruments at the same time, Ming has many wonderful talents.



Ruth Simolata is a Project Manager born and raised in Toronto. Since a child, Ruth has been a lover of Fine Arts and can be found painting or drawing with graphite in her spare time, as well as wielding a can of spray paint like a wild woman.



Mark hails from the Philippines and is a self taught coder. He was the 2nd nerd to join the team when we first opened up shop. He has a passion for travel and is as confident as they come while coding, but when on camera it’s a different story.



Federico is one of our senior web developers who was born and raised in Colombia - amazingly fluent in 3 languages. Not only does he enjoy custom coding websites, he is the #1 ping pong and karaoke champion at A Nerd's World.



Vector is an essential part of the team: our beloved mascot and constant source of inspiration. Originally from Columbia, Vector now lives in his office built into the wall of our head office. That’s dedication to the craft!

Our business is built on relationships – it sounds cliche, but it’s true. We believe that repeat business and growth stem from great work that keeps our clients coming back – NOT on sales and spin, but a true partnership with measurable results. This is why many of our clients have been with us for over 10 years.