What is Corporate Photography?

what is corporate photography

About Corporate Photography

Corporate photography is used by companies, both large and small all across Toronto to promote their corporate brand and set the visual tone for their company identity. The most common types of images used for corporate photography are professional portraiture and headshots of company staff, office/environmental photos, corporate event photography and images of products or services offered. They are used on websites, for brochures, stationery, advertising/marketing materials, annual reports, social media, etc. These images speak volumes to clients or investors about the staff and the culture of that company. Great corporate photos showcase the quality of services or products offered, and when executed properly help to promote the standards to which they adhere to in their day to day business operations.

An experienced corporate photographer in Toronto approaches a corporate photo shoot with great precision and execution. With a detailed agenda and a schedule prepared ahead of time, they can execute at the highest level on the day of the shoot. Taking employees and resources away from work is costly for companies, so it is important that the corporate photographer be respectful of the set timetables - often time company executives and employees have very brief windows for their shoot and the corporate photographer should ensure that they stay on schedule.

When taking corporate portraiture it is important to understand the clients' aesthetic style, culture and photo requirements. Will the images be used on a website? How will they be displayed on the website? Does everyone need to face a specific direction? Do all the images need to be uniform in terms of height or crop, tone (serious or playful)? Serious consideration must be made prior to the shoot and these details should already be known by the corporate photographer.

What are the best poses for Corporate Headshots?

Experienced corporate photographers have a set of go-to lighting setups and pose they use, that can greatly differ from one photographer to another. Here are my tried and true tips on how to get the best results out of your corporate portraiture - keep in mind that you'll always be under great pressure to deliver great images on schedule:

Posture - Body language is an important aspect of corporate photography. Body language for corporate images needs to convey assertiveness, confidence, self-control, and authority - all qualities that are important in business. Your subjects in corporate photography are often times high-level executives who will need you to draw out these qualities during their shoot. Encourage your subjects to stand or sit tall. Ask them to clasp their hands firmly together or use an inflated posture - like having their hands around their waist or the elbows flared out a little. Another consideration is whether their posture is tilted forward or backward. A forward tilt or lean conveys assertiveness, approachability and yields great results. A backward tilt or lean conveys quite the opposite, which are qualities like timidity, rigidity, standoffishness, and unapproachability. These postures must be avoided in corporate portraiture at all cost.

Lighting - Be familiar with your lighting setups and the different effects you can achieve with them. I personally use a 2 light setup, with one softbox and a strobe. A corporate photographer should know the light qualities of their lights. Softboxes create soft highlights and shadows, while most strobes produce harsh/intense. Be aware of the distances of your strobes, as light falloff can produce drastically different effects. Also, different skin tones may require you to make slight adjustments to your lighting in between subjects. Avoid shooting hot - pure white spots on the skin, which are the result of lights being too strong or too intense. Consider using a softbox if your light source will be close to your subject - to produce a softer light.

Reflections, Shadows & Other Optical Anomalies - Be aware of reflections in your corporate images, such as glare on glasses and be familiar with the best angles to position your strobes to eliminate glare and still get great lighting. Many people in the business world wear glasses and you must be able to make the proper adjust quickly. When you're shooting group images, be aware of shadows that are created when one subject is standing in front of another - it may be important to properly space out subjects apart, or to change the angle of your flashes. Depending on the strength of the glasses and the angle of your subject, you may also create optical illusions in the lenses. Be aware of these illusions as you may need to recommend a different angle or pose that lessens the effect.

Details - Make sure to scrutinize your images from time to time to ensure that you catch the crooked tie, or uneven necklace or hair covering the eyes or anything that may ruin an otherwise great shot.

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