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Wheat Paste Posters

Wheat Paste Posters


Itching to make your own guerilla street art or shameless business promotion in an alley, on the side of buildings, highway overpasses and abandoned billboards? The beauty of wheat paste is that you don’t need an expensive canvas or frame to display your creative expression. Computer paper and a paint roller are all you need to make your artwork. For the sticky adhesive that will stick your paper artwork to a smooth wall surface, all you need is wheat flour and water to make the wheatpaste.

wheat-paste-nerds-2 wheat-paste-nerds-3

Warning: wheatpaste posters, once applied, are difficult to remove. That, and while you may be providing thought-provoking or visually pleasing eye candy for all of the public to enjoy for free, you can run into legal trouble if you get caught pasting artwork on the wrong property. You have been warned by the head Nerd.


Chris A. Hughes