Why your Business Needs to be on Snapchat

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Why your Business Needs to be on Snapchat

Why your business should be on snapchat

Imagine being able to reach out to all millennial’s with your business marketing strategy! That’s a nice prospect, huh? In case that you’re not familiar with Snapchat, it is a photo and video messaging app which allows users to record and send “snaps” that are only viewable for a 24 hour duration between one and ten seconds after which they are automatically deleted and never seen again. To give you an idea about Snapchat’s incredible traction in the market, we’ll outline a few key statistics:

  • As of June 2016, 150 Million people are using Snapchat on a monthly basis.
  • Over 400 Million snaps are sent each day!
  • Snapchat’s core user base is in the age range of 13-25
  • 70% of users are female
  • 30% of users are male

Now you’re beginning to understand the reach power of this platform. We’ve sat down, brainstormed and compiled a list that we believe should help you be successful in your Snapchat marketing efforts:

  • Build Your Following
    • Have your Snapchat users get their friends to follow you. When they send you proof of these followers, have each new friend send a snap to verify and then reward them all with an exciting freebie!
  • Quick Snap Responses
    • Send your customers a snap, letting them know that the first to respond with a snap back to you will win a prize.
  • Flash Sales
    • Let your customers know first about a sale via a snap. Send them a coupon or a keyword through a snap.
  • Provide Sneak Peeks at Upcoming Products or Services
    • If you have a really cool idea in the works, don’t hesitate to send out a 10 second preview to your customers. It will help build anticipation in your favour.
  • Engage Event Attendees with Insider Info
    • Let’s say you’re throwing a party or event, you can use Snapchat to give attendees inside information they wouldn’t otherwise get.
  • Constantly Update your Story
    • By showing bits and pieces of what’s going on in the day of your business, people are given a positive impression.
  • Show Personality
    • Don’t be afraid to show character! Snapchat is supposed to be fun, not boring and gloomy.
  • Be Memorable
    • This is one of the points about Snapchat that we believe makes it stand out. You don’t get long to impress so you must be fast and memorable.

Snapchat brings something new and unique to the table in the world of mostly-broadcast, social media that revolves around feeds—intimacy at scale.” This intimacy can mean a lot for marketers, especially as younger audiences are expressing distrust of traditional advertising channels. Snapchat’s ability to genuinely connect, combined with the large number of supporters and the fact that Snapchat content and/or ads take up the entire screen (and thus achieve 100% visibility), and brands have a recipe for reaching large numbers of consumers with content that actually converts to sales and inspires users to make buying decisions.

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Chris A. Hughes